You can finally get the perfect hairstyle for your face shape with the help of this hack

One of the best ways to feel secure when entering a salon is to know your face shape and which haircuts work best for your features. There are numerous hairstyles that complement each of the five most common facial shapes: oval, heart, square, round, and long. There is no way you can go wrong when it comes to finding out your face shape than by consulting with hairstylist, hair specialist, and cosmetologist Ghanima Abdullah.

Do You Know Your Face Shape?

Creating symmetry is the most important trick or tip for figuring out your body type. Abdullah says she “tries to choose a haircut that creates the illusion” of having an oval-shaped face when looking at someone’s face. “That entails toying with bangs, lengths and parts to achieve exactly the right impact that can downplay a tall forehead or wide cheekbones,” she says. However, if there are features of the face the person desires to emphasise, “that can be done too, so it’s not simply minimising,” says the instructor. For each shape, we’ll show you an example of a celebrity who wears it.

An Alexa Chung is in the oval.

You’re in luck if you have an oval face shape! There’s no limit to the hairstyles you can pull off with this shape. Hairstyles should neither “elongate the face” or “make it look bigger,” says Abdullah, who is looking for a new look. “If the customer loves long hair, we’d try a side part instead of a centre part,” she explains. In Abdullah’s opinion, “everything should be kept in balance with this facial shape” when it comes to short hairstyles like a bob.

Reese Witherspoon, “Heart”

This type of face is frequently defined by high cheekbones and a pointed chin, according to Abdullah. “A pointed chin is a common feature of heart faces. We want to make the bottom half of the face appear wider, so that the face doesn’t appear to be focused on the chin “she claims. “You can also try an at-the-shoulders bob or lob cut. Having a chin-length bob will just draw attention to your chin.” Because the length draws attention away from the chin, “all shoulder-length cuts” look nice on a heart-shaped face, says Abdullah. Crinkles enhance the style, according to her.

Selena Gomez is round.

Faces with rounder features, including a rounded jawline and rounded cheekbones, have an equal length and width. Abdullah explains that the goal is to lengthen the face while also narrowing its width. “When it comes to lengthening the face, long tresses with a central portion can come into play here. The bottom curve of the cut helps disguise some of the width of your cheeks when you’re trying to lessen width with a bob that is neck length.” This, she says, looks more natural when gathered around the neck..

Olivia Wilde is a square.

A square-shaped face has an even forehead and jawline, therefore Abdullah compares finding a haircut for a square shape to finding a heart-shaped face. Your “pulling attention away from the lower portion, thus shoulder-length haircuts work here also” is why this works. For a “more feminine look,” she recommends styling the hair at the crown of the head in a “dainty style.” Feathery side-swept bangs or fringe curtain bangs both work well for this look.

Liv Tyler

As Liv Tyler demonstrates, the ‘long’ form is still symmetrical, even if you think your facial shape is longer than an oval. In this case, Abdullah adds, “the idea is to make the face a little less slender. A “guaranteed approach” to shorten the forehead is to wear your bangs side-swept from a deep side part. When it comes to adding width to the face, “layers that generate volume around the cheek area are also a wonderful option,” she says.


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