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Cleopatra, known for being very beautiful and having attractive body, was very much discussed in the old times. Because of this discussion today people search on the internet Search for Cleopatra on Wikipedia Because there is information about it on Wikipedia. Whereas in this article I am telling simple words about Cleopatra so that you can get idea easily and quickly.

In this article you will be happy to know that there is a lot to know about Cleopatra like when was Cleopatra born, how Cleopatra died, History of Cleopatra, Life of Cleopatra and many more. The answers to all these questions (Search for Cleopatra on Wikipedia) are going to be found in the article so that you will get to know about some Cleopatra easily.

about cleopatra

Born in 69 BC, Cleopatra was such a girl that everyone knew that she was in trouble because everyone was attracted to Cleopatra. The name of Cleopatra (Cleopatra) was born in the city of Alexandria. It is in Alexandria that Cleopatra was born in the kingdom of Egypt and is a member of the Kingdom of Egypt in the continent of North Africa. The name of the capital of this Egyptian state is Cairo.

Search for Cleopatra on Wikipedia
Search for Cleopatra on Wikipedia

Cleopatra’s father’s name was Ptolemy V, who used to be the king of the Egyptian dynasty at that time. So from this consciousness, Cleopatra was born as a princess because if a king’s daughter is born, then that daughter will go ahead and be known as a princess. The full name of this princess was not only Cleopatra but also “Cleopatra VII Seattle Florist”. Talking about Cleopatra’s parents, mother’s name was Cleopatra V and father’s name was Ptolemy V.

history of cleopatra

Cleopatra grew up in Egypt only after which she was of marriageable age. Before that she had become the princess of Egypt. In Egypt, Cleopatra, who came to be known as Princess, was killed at the age of 17 by Cleopatra’s father. To avoid any dispute between Cleopatra’s son and her daughter regarding the possession of the kingdom, both of them married each other.

At that time some people used to marry their daughter with their son also. The first reason was that Ptolemy V married his daughter to his own son, Ptolemy Tristates, in order to avoid any dispute regarding the property of the administration, according to the long-standing custom relations. After some time Cleopatra was separated from Ptolemy Tristates while no child was born between them.

It is unclear whether Cleopatra’s first marriage was in fact with her brother Ptolemy Tristates. As far as I researched on the internet, I came to know that Cleopatra’s first marriage was not with her brother Ptolemy Tristates but with the king of the Egyptian kingdom. Philadelphus Zahar Ptolemy was the king of Egypt at that time.

Cleopatra married Ptolemy Philadelphus when it was time to end his rule in Egypt. For information, you should also know that Ptolemy Philadelphus was already married because his wife was dead. After the death of his wife, Philadelphus was handling the kingdom of Egypt. Some time later he married Ptolemy Philadelphus, princess of Egypt.

After this, Cleopatra married another boy named Mark Antony and this was her second marriage. Both Mark Antony and Cleopatra became husband and wife, having a total of three children. Out of these three children, one was a son while two were twin girls. The first twin girls were named Celine II and Alexander Alison. It was only after the twin girl that a third boy was born named Marc Antoine and Cleopatra named the titles Me Flood X. In this way Mark Antony and Cleopatra had a total of three children.

After the separation of both Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra now thought of marrying for the third time. Cleopatra’s third marriage was with Octavian. Cleopatra got married to Octavian, but did not get a chance to give birth to a child. The reason for this is that Octavian committed suicide which caused Cleopatra to commit suicide as well.

Octavian was defeated in a battle, unable to bear it, and worried about the loss of the kingdom, Octavian killed himself with the help of an arrow. After the death of your husband Octavian, Cleopatra also had to die according to the archives of the past. This is how the story line of Cleopatra ends. Although the story of Cleopatra’s three children begins, but all of you in this article, our aim was to give information only about Cleopatra and this is what the students wanted, which we have given in detail.

The kingdom that Cleopatra was living in was Egypt and there was no other ruler here before who did not want to promote the Greek language. Cleopatra first learned the Greek language herself, then later brought the Greek language to the fore in the Egyptian state. For this reason, the Greek language was dominant in the Egyptian state in ancient times and the Greek language is still used today.

about cleopatra’s children

Cleopatra’s first marriage and third marriage took place when no child was born. The child Cleopatra was born from her second marriage to Mark Antony in 40 BC. The three children born of Cleopatra’s second marriage are named Cleopatra Selena (Cleopatra Selene), Alexandria Helena (Alexandria Helen) and Ptolemios Philadelphus (Ptolemy Philadelphus). These include Cleopatra Selena born in 40 BC, Alexandria Helena born in 36 BC and Ptolemios Philadelphus born in 36 BC.

According to information on Wikipedia, it is being told that the names of Cleopatra’s three children were Selene II, Alexander Alison and Me Flood X in the titles. How much of this is true and how much is false, the truth about this is not available on the internet. As far as I have searched, I have come to know that the names of Cleopatra’s three children were Cleopatra Selena, Alexandre Helena and Ptolemaios Philadelphus.

when was cleopatra born

in 69 BC

when did cleopatra die

August 12, 30 BC

when was cleopatra married

The first marriage took place in 51 BC
The second marriage took place in 40 BC
The third marriage took place in 36 BC

how many children did cleopatra have

Cleopatra had a total of three children

when did cleopatra’s father die

in 51 BC and his daughter Cleopatra was 17

what was cleopatra’s father’s name

Note :

All the information we have about Cleopatra is correct. Some of the information that we have given in this article may or may not be correct. Because the information on the internet has been misrepresented while we have corrected it in this article as it is being told on the internet that Cleopatra’s first marriage was with her own brother. Upon research, I came to know that Cleopatra’s first marriage was not with her brother but with Ptolemy Philadelphus.

On the other hand, it is being told on the Internet that the names of Cleopatra’s three children are Celine II, Alexander Allison and the title is Me Flat Ex. While searching I came to know that the names of three children of Cleopatra were Cleopatra Selena, Alexandria Helena and Ptolemaios Philadelphus. That’s why I cannot confirm the correctness and incorrectness of both these things in this article of the website because we have not found information on the internet.

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