We acquired Apple and Microsoft at the 300-day mark, and Google at the 200-day mark, so keep that in mind! I was under the impression that these enormous empires were going to hold the market up and cause the bounce! What is it that you didn’t know? Oops! In case you missed it the Traveling Trader is back to remind us that the war ain’t done yet, people. A little period of time will pass before the adjustment is completed. However, although this is good news for some and negative news for others, it may also be an excellent moment to purchase a home.

Is the slaughter finally coming to an end? I approached the Traveling Trader with my question. His response was, “To a certain extent, yeah.” “It’s important to remember that the Federal Reserve’s future steps have already been priced into the market.” “As a result, it won’t have as great of an effect.” The Traveling Trader continued, just as I was starting to believe it was okay to drop my toes back into the water: “Just as there isn’t any specific reason for the dip to continue, there isn’t any particular reason for a bounce at this time.”

So, to present a less than rosy picture for you, consider the following: we have high interest rates, high inflation, a limited supply, and growing joblessness. Does this seem like the kind of climate that would support a long-term increase in stock prices? No way, Jose. In other words, according to the Traveling Trader, the downturn is likely to persist until the Federal Reserve becomes more forceful in combating these patterns. So, what does this imply for the typical investor and trader in the financial markets?

As far as the Traveling Trader is concerned, the situation is rather straightforward. This is not the time to be in a state of panic! You must pay attention to the large-capitalization equities and the high-quality ones. It is important to acquire high-quality equities and add them to your portfolio during periods of weakness.

You should see this correction as a chance to realign the allocation of your assets across your various investments. When you discover blue chips being offered at a bargain, begin stockpiling them for the long haul. Additionally, as the Traveling Trader reminded me, it is always a good idea to have hedges in place to protect oneself from market declines.

As is often the case, I walked away from my conversation with the Traveling Trader feeling a little more secure. The sky isn’t falling, and if you play your cards well, there is still money to be gained from this downturn in the economy.

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