March 31, 2023

In today’s article (What is MS Office and who created MS Office and uses of MS Office, complete information about Ms Office) you will get all the information about MS Office as well as who has made MS Office in it, you will also Learn how to use MS Office will be given complete information, you will also be told about MS Office. It is used in many offices and you may also want to know how MS Office is run and what is its work, so let me now give you information about MS Office.

What is MS Office and who created MS Office?

MS Office is that set of applications and instructions by which all the office work can be done very easily. Many people must have run Ms Office but they do not know what Ms Office is called. The full name of Ms Office is Microsoft Office, which is owned by Bill Gates. Office is a product of Microsoft, which together became Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is a package from Microsoft that is used for office tasks.

Where is MS Office used?

MS Office is a word processing software running on the OS which is used all over the world. Through MS Office, we can easily do all the application tasks of the office (document, typing, project, resume, database, form, email mail merge, letter,

Microsoft Office is a graphical application software. Which is used in all regions of the world (School, Business, Railway..etc,

Who is the creator of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office was created by Microsoft in 1989 for the Mac operating system, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, It was founded in America. At the same time, Microsoft installed the first version 3.0 of Windows in 1990. Headed by Bill Gates.

Microsoft added three components to Microsoft Office in the year 1990, namely Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, followed by Ms Access and Ms Outlook.

What are the components of Microsoft Office?

You must have known about the version of Microsoft Office. Now we will know what are the components of Microsoft Office. Everyone knows that Office has a variety of areas and functions, to accomplish that all the packages of Microsoft Office are used for different areas and functions of Office. Some of the components of Microsoft Office are as follows.

  • Ms. Word (Word Processing Software)
  • MS Excel (Tabular Data Formatting Software)
  • Ms. Powerpoint (Presentation Software)
  • MS Outlook (e-mail client)
  • Ms Publisher etc.

What is MS Office and who created MS Office?

Features of Microsoft Office?

  • The biggest feature is that it is user friendly and easy to use.
  • After working on one of its programs, it becomes easy to use all its programs, most of the options of all its programs are similar to each other.
  • Many programs come together in a package of MS Office, which provides the facility to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Due to the popularity of MS Office, it has been included in every major and minor course, which makes it easy to learn.
  • It is very cheap software and is easily available.
  • Its installation is also very easy.
  • In this, updates are given by Microsoft from time to time, in which its security is increased, bugs are removed and new features are added.
  • Most of today’s latest PCs have MS Office pre-installed.

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