Why do we drink milk from cows and not goats or other mammals?

Whether they pour it on cereal in the morning or drink it with an afternoon snack, Americans love milk. In fact, the United States produced more milk in 2021 than any other country.

But have you ever wondered why we drink milk from cows instead of milk from goats, deer, bison, whales or other milk-making mammals?

Well, the first part of the answer is simple.

“Cows are docile,” says Deborah Valenze, professor of history at Barnard College and author of the book “Milk: A Local and Global History.” 

Docile means that they don’t usually resist when you try to milk them. But most animals aren’t so relaxed. 

“If you’ve ever been around a goat, you know that they are very jumpy,” Valenze says. 

Photos Credit to Google.com

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