South Korea has elected a new president, and the man taking the reins may significantly change the key U.S. ally's stance in the standoff with North Korea.

"If you give me a chance, I will teach him some manners," Yoon said on the campaign trail, promising to make Kim "snap out of it" if he was elected.

Across the demilitarized zone, in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, state media on Wednesday showed Kim paying a visit to his country's national satellite control center

Yoon's election is certain to change the dynamic with North Korea after years of efforts by outgoing President Moon Jae-in to forge diplomacy.

"We are aware of the growing North Korean nuclear threat, and amid the tensions of the U.S.-China strategic competition

we are also faced with the task of strengthening our global diplomatic capabilities," Yoon said in a speech on Thursday, adding that "to protect people's safety

Citing the "illegal and unreasonable behavior of North Korea" Yoon vowed to act decisively, but said "the door to inter-Korean dialogue will remain opened."

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