Rare wolverine photographed in Yellowstone National Park

 A tour guide and former park ranger last weekend had what he called a "phenomenal" encounter with one of Yellowstone National Park's rarest and most elusive animals: a wolverine.

He even snapped a picture to prove it.

MacNeil Lyons, owner of Yellowstone Insight, was with a tour group in the park’s northern reaches March 5 when the visitors spotted what he calls a "unicorn."

The wolverine — the largest species in the mustelid, or weasel, family — is related to otters, ferrets and minks.

In North America, the wolverine's southernmost range touches Yellowstone National Park, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

Fewer than 10 wolverines are thought to call Yellowstone and its 2.2 million acres home.

Photos Credit to Google.com

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