Construction crews working on a remodel of the old convention center in Oakland found a Brendan Fraser-themed surprise: a mummy.

A worker stumbled across the remains, buried in a wall at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, around 1 p.m. Wednesday, Oakland police spokesperson Kim Armstead told the Mercury News.

The bones likely belonged to an adult male and were in late stages of decay, officials said.

It’s unclear how or when the man’s body got into the wall, but it had likely been there for “several years,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Raymond Kelly told the News.

A mummified body was found inside a wall at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland.

Investigators are currently trying to pull fingerprints off the mummified remains in order to find an identity.

The Kaiser Convention Center was built in 1914 as the Oakland Civic Auditorium and shut down in 2006.

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