He won't pay if she won't go to his place for a first date

He suggested she come to his house for a first date because he didn't want to pay for food or drinks, sparking debate in the comments.

Lesley (@capocloutt) posted the video on Tuesday, showing a screen recording of a Snapchat audio message from a potential date saying he wouldn't pay for a date right away.

“When you tell him you're not going to his place as a first date.”

According to the man in the audio message, “I'm not going to go out with someone and pay for their food and drinks.” “I'm leaving anyway, so I can't waste money.”

One user described men as being unwilling to spend money on strangers. “Sir, why are you looking to date a stranger?”

He saved her a lot of time by revealing his intentions early on in the process of getting to know each other, Lesley agreed.

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