Elon Musk ignites Twitter with controversial meme mocking Ukraine

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk posted a meme on Twitter criticized by many of his 77.7 million followers as mocking people's support of Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia.

The meme shows a man, known as the NPC Wojak meme, holding a Ukraine flag with various LGBTQ+ flags in the background and the phrase "I Support the Current Thing" in a circle border.

Musk's followers noted that while the meme could have been intended has a humorous jab at people hopping on social media trends,....

Many think the post was insensitive considering the current suffering of the Ukrainian people. 

Musk has previously shown his support for the people of Ukraine.

On March 4th he tweeted, "Hold Strong Ukraine" with a series of Ukrainian flags followed up by,....

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