Dunkin Donuts manager punches customer to death after being called the n-word

A Black manager at a Dunkin’ in Florida who fatally punched an elderly, white customer who called him the N-word will not spend any time behind bars

Frustrated with the service at one of the donut store’s Tampa locations, Vonelle Cook, 77, marched into the store and berated the manager

The manager, 27-year-old Corey Pujols, who is Black, asked Cook not to say it again.

When Cook decided to call him the N-word a second time, Pujols hit him in the jaw.

The older man became unconscious, falling backwards and hitting his head on the floor. He was dead three days later, according to Fox13.

Pujols had originally been charged with aggravated manslaughter following the May 5, 2021 incident.

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