March 31, 2023

Umesh Pal had died just a few hours ago and the reason for this is death itself. some punks shot me and now we’re in this article umesh pal murder news in hindi are about to tell. There is a shadow of mourning among the people of this news, as well as there is anger among the people because the cases of gang war are increasing day by day. So let’s know full umesh pal murder news in hindi In detail in this blog article.

umesh pal death news in hindi

According to the information, Umesh Pal was murdered in the year 2023 on February 24 during the day. Friday was the day when Umesh Pal was murdered. As far as Umesh Pal is concerned, he was going back to his house by car after giving evidence from the court. Although Umesh Pal was not alone but two security guards were there as security. According to the information, as soon as Umesh Pal got down from the car after meeting him near his house, the miscreants started firing several bullets and bombs.

umesh pal murder news in hindi
umesh pal murder news in hindi

After shooting one Umesh, he was trying to go inside the house, the miscreants fired at him on the way and killed him. The two security guards who came along with Umesh Pal were also fiercely attacked by the miscreants, so they only remained above Umesh Pal. Out of the two security guards, one security guard has died, while the condition of the other security guard is critical. Umesh Pal and the accompanying security guard have died by now.

This incident happened in Prayagraj area. Talking about the killer, they were already sitting planning like one Krita coming on car and two on bike, first on foot. The car had 4 pistols and 1 rifle and some bombs. The miscreants had started from the market itself, after which they tried to kill themselves with a blister bomb. Kill Umesh Pal. The video of the miscreants has been recorded in CCTV technology, which you can watch by searching on YouTube if you want.

who killed umesh pal

There is a possibility of Atiq Ahmed being on top because in 2005, when Raju Pal was murdered by someone, Umesh Pal was chosen as the eyewitness of that time. Umesh Pal had gone back to testify and to prevent this, Atiq Ahmed had documented the kidnapping of Umesh Pal in the year 2006. Umesh Pal was found after that, after which he was cautious. During the testimony, Umesh Pal needed security, which he got, only after giving the testimony, the miscreants killed him.

Umesh Pal’s testimony had to be spread so that the person who killed Raju Pal is not punished. In any case, the plan was to kill Umesh Pal so that he could never testify against Raju Pal’s killer. According to the information, the police has arrested Ateeq Ahmed’s son while Ateeq Ahmed is already in jail. It is not yet clear from you whether Atiq Ahmed and his sons together killed Umesh Pal or not. But Atiq Ahmed was arrested by the police, that addict who is still in jail.

what happened next

umesh pal murder news in hindi After knowing now it is known what happened next. The police took this incident seriously and arrested some people. Ateeq Ahmed is accusing Umesh Pal and it is up to the son. After this incident, Yogi has talked about arresting the murderers of Umesh Pal and giving them the strictest punishment.

At the same time, taking the cases seriously, the police have also started collecting evidence by taking footage of CCTV cameras. According to the video recorded in the CCTV camera, one Armaan while the other is being told by people named Guddu Muslim, you are yet to clarify, rather it is being guessed. This murder was also done around 47 seconds only.

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