June 4, 2023

As you know recently fake twitter data was leaked around 4th to 5th January. for this reason Twitter hacked 2023 news News is coming on the internet and we are giving you some such information. If you do not know, then for information, let us tell you that just a few days ago Twitter was hacked by hackers.

Due to this hack, the user database in Twitter has been stolen by the hacker. This database only included the database regarding the user’s mail id such as the name of the mail id and some details related to it. The defense is that the user’s private databases may have just been stolen. It is being told that the mail ID of more than 20 crore users is being stolen. This database was uploaded by the hacker in the online hacking form. That is, the hacker sold the user’s mail ID stolen from Twitter to a hacking platform on the Internet.

Twitter hacked 2023 news
Twitter hacked 2023 news

Twitter hacked 2023 news which spread like a fire on the internet as it is a threat to the users using accounts created on Twitter. Now how will the company keep its Twitter platform secure in the coming times, it will be possible easily in the coming times. Earlier, it was being told that due to the leak of Twitter’s detector in the attachment too, the market of around 40 crores was destroyed.

This database included the user’s mobile number along with other important information. As of now, the Twitter data that has been leaked only includes the mail ID of the user. Twitter hacked 2023 news As soon as we get some information, then weTwitter hacked 2023 newsWill update in this article.

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