June 4, 2023

right now twitter data leak 2023 The news is coming out in which there is a possibility of leakage from the mail IDs of 200 million users i.e. 20 crores. According to the report, it has been told that it is being done that people create their account account in Twitter due to which their mail ID has been leaked. The one who stole this mail id is the hacker. No information has yet come out about this hacker that the real hacker has stolen the mail ID of people using Twitter.

twitter data leak 2023

The news of only the mail ID of the user being leaked has come out. If you feel that twitter data leak 2023 What will happen. So you should also know that the hacker has come to know that the name of the mail ID of those who are running their account in Twitter after creating it has reached the hacker. This can be done by any hacker user for any purpose. This can put you at risk of being leaked apart from your personal information.

twitter data leak 2023
twitter data leak 2023

twitter data leak news in hindi

The report only states that only the mail IDs of the radio operators have been leaked and nothing else. Right now you do not need to fear much, but need to be alert. So twitter data leak 2023 Be alert after listening to the news. twitter data leak 2023 The news came out only around 4 to 5 January.

the first week of the new year twitter data leak 2023 News spread like fire. twitter data leak 2023 After the news mark, there is no statement from Twitter as to how the mail IDs of the real 200 million people got leaked. shortly after Twitter Accounting will definitely be given from the side that how the data of the mail id of the real user was leaked. After the mark of this news, the owner of the Twitter company, Elon Musk, has not discussed anything about this matter and in the coming time, soon a statement will come out on this.

Earlier in the attachment also user’s data was leaked in Twitter which included mobile number and some data. While in this data leak, only the mail ID of the user has been leaked i.e. not his name but his personal data. as soon as we twitter data leak 2023 If we get any information about it, we will try to update it in this blog immediately.

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