June 3, 2023

Today means 24 attachment days only tunisha sharma death news in hindi coming out and people want to know The reason for the death of Tunisha Sharma About this. If you do not know that not much is being known about his death, Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on the 25th. He did this suicide in the make-up room itself. Somebody came to know about it only after he committed suicide. Then know further everything about the reason for Tunisha Sharma’s death.

The reason for the death of Tunisha Sharma
The reason for the death of Tunisha Sharma

tunisha sharma death news in hindi

Tunisha Sharma hangs in the makeup room itself. This was the makeup room inside Shijan’s makeup van. Means Tunisha Sharma hanged inside Shijan’s make-up van. Shortly after he committed suicide, he was taken to JJ Hospital in Mumbai. After this the doctors checked 5 doctors thoroughly, then it came to know that Tunisha Sharma was just hanging and rope marks were found on her neck. No such marks were found on Tunisha Sharma’s body which led to another reason for suicide.

The reason for the death of Tunisha Sharma

The reason for the death of Tunisha Sharma No concrete information has come out about it yet. But Tunisha Sharma’s mother has leveled allegations against Sheejan. Tunisha Sharma’s mother says that maybe Shijan might have instigated Tunisha Sharma to commit suicide or maybe because of Shijan, Tunisha Sharma remains upset for some reason. There could be any number of reasons for the suicide of Tunisha Sharma, perhaps because of Shijan.

The police arrest Shijan and interrogate him as Tunisha Sharma’s close friends Shijan is the only one who matches this matters. According to the present information, it is not known why Tunisha Sharma committed suicide. Talking about suicide, Tunisha Sharma had hanged herself, you will come to know about it whereas the other reason has not come out like what was the reason for committing suicide by hanging.

Six hours before committing suicide, she had also posted a video of herself doing makeup on her Instagram and in this video she was looking normal. Who knew that this would be his last video. Most of the people know about the reason behind Tunisha Sharma’s death, but till now the investigation is being done by the police and knowledgeable people. As soon as we get any information regarding the cause of death of Tunisha Sharma, I will keep updating in this article inside this website.

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Squad

Tunisha Sharma has been treated by the doctors. There may be no other reason, but Shijan now has possibilities because Tunisha Sharma’s mother is doubting Shijan. Whether Shijan is right or not, we will come to know about it only in the coming times. If you do not know much about Tunisha Sharma, then I am telling you a lot now. She was a famous actress at a young age. He was playing the lead role in Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul. Apart from this, she has worked in some Bollywood films and mostly in TV shows.

Tunisha Sharma death date time

24 attachment Tunisha Sharma’s death happened in the year 2022 only

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