Trainers In USA agree that this is the hidden danger of overdosing on cardio after the age of 40

In terms of building lung capacity and burning calories, cardio is one of the most effective forms of exercise. There are times when a decent workout doesn’t necessitate a lot of sweating, and if you use that as your only assessment, you could end up overworking yourself. A healthy physique may be created through cardio, but overdoing it can lead to unpleasant side effects, especially as you become older. When it comes to the genuine dangers of doing too much cardio, especially as you get older, we talked to CPT Kate Meier to make sure that you’re not putting your health at risk while trying to get fit.

Injuries resulting from overuse

As you become older, your body loses the ability to recover as quickly as it used to, so you’re more likely to get injured if you put too much stress on a particular muscle group. Overdoing cardio can lead to an overuse injury, which is the most common complication.” Sore joints and shin splints, as well as more serious stress fractures in the lower limbs, can all be signs of overuse, says Meier.

Overuse injuries, unlike those caused by incorrect movement or landing, are caused by a lack of recovery time. The days of rest within your week are just as crucial for getting enough sleep and giving your muscles time to recover as the days of exercise are for building a healthy body. By neglecting these areas for an extended period of time, the body will begin to break down at an accelerated rate.

Any soreness or pain in your joints that occurs even when you aren’t doing anything physically demanding is a sure sign that you’ve gone too far with your exercise routine. If you’re unable to move after an exercise, you may be doing yourself more harm than good, Meier cautions.


Another clue that your workouts may be too tough is excessive exhaustion throughout the day. It’s worth stepping back on cardio for a few days to evaluate how you feel once you’ve recovered from that fatigue. Even if you enjoy the endorphin rush of pushing yourself every day in the gym, it’s not worth the effort if you end up hurt or weary and can’t perform at your highest level.

Good Balance

In the gym, it’s important to strike a good balance between cardio and strength training, so that you can work hard without overdoing it. More than 10 hours of hard cardio per week is not recommended for overall health and fitness, according to Meier. Cardio workouts lasting between 30 and 60 minutes are ideal for boosting fitness.

Healthy Diet

However, if you’re just getting started with cardio, it’s ideal to ease into it gradually so that you don’t overwork your body too much at the start. A healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t the only things you need to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When you keep your cardio sessions to a few times a week, you’ll not only conserve your body but also be able to push yourself to your physical limits during those sessions. A well-balanced fitness routine that includes weight training to build muscle strength will help you recover more quickly if you alternate workouts with rest days in between. This is critical, as Meier points out, because the body requires rest and recovery time in between workouts so that it can repair and rebuild itself.


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