June 4, 2023

Top 200+ Important Full Form Names | a to z full form 2023-24, Through today’s article, over 200+ complete All of you have been given forms which can be useful in your daily life and there are some full form names which are also asked in exams and there may be exams you can also read this for yourself because all of these names are always Read carefully the full form given below and share it with your friends.

Top 200+ Important Full Form Name 2023-24

SN short name Full Name
1 AC alternative current
2 aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome
3 oh Air India
4 APC american power conversion
5 I Airport Authority of India
6 AIIMS All India Medical Institute
7 Asr automated system recovery
8 ATM automatic teller machine
9 APIPA automatic private internet protocol address
10 ata airtime authorization
11 ATS NT Tourism Squad
12 Apple Aryan Passenger Payload Experiment
13 AEO American Eagle Outfitters
14 ADR american depository receipt
15 Brother border roads organisation
16 B S f Border Security Force
17 bcg Bacillus Calmette Guerin
18 BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India
19 BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
21 Cat Common Entrance Test
22 CA Chartered accountant
23 cc imitation
24 cfl compact fluorescent lamp
25 the commander call detail record
26 cid Criminal Investigation Department
27 cng compressed natural gas
28 cpu coronavirus disease 2019
29 cst central sales tax
30 cvv Card Verification Value

Top 200 Important Full Form Names

31 cpo central police organization
32 CIF customer information file
33 cfa Chartered Financial Analyst
34 Coast Guard computer graphics
35 CISF Central Industrial Security Force
36 to hum chief operating officer
37 cpu Central processing unit
38 crm customer relationship management
39 cst central sales tax
40 CMO chief Medical Officer
vital full form name
41 date of birth Date of birth
42 DP display picture
43 D R d o Defense Research and Development Organization
44 DC Deputy commissioner
45 CV Biodata
46 Director General of police Director General of police
47 DHL Dalsey Hillblom Lynn
48 DNS Domain Name System
49 dsp police sub-inspector
50 EMI fast monthly installment
51 EPFO Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
52 EEE electrical and Electronic Engineering
53 ESI employee state insurance
54 EVM electronic voting machine
55 FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
56 FIR First Information Report
57 GIF graphic interchange format
58 GPA grade point average
59 GST good and service
60 Gayle Gas Authority of India Limited

Top 200 Important Full Form Names

61 git Global Information Tracker
62 human resource human resource
63 HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
64 Himachal Pradesh Hewlett Packard
65 hcl hardware compatibility list
66 HD high definition
67 hcu hydraulic control unit
68 human Development Index human Development Index
69 hi l Hockey India League
70 H.I.V. human immunodeficiency virus
71 Himachal Pradesh power Horse
72 the headquarters high quality
73 hsd high speed data
74 http Hypertext Transfer Protocol
75 HVI high viscosity index
76 hid human interface device
77 hms Headent Management System
78 hpfs high performance file system
79 hcl human computer interaction
80 hdd hard disk device

important full form in computer

81 I C integrated circuit
82 i car Indian Council of Agricultural Research
83 ibs International Banking Statistics
84 IB Intelligence Bureau
85 IBF Indian Boxing Federation
86 I a s Indian Administrative Service
87 Indian Air Force indian armed forces
88 ICCW Child Welfare Council of India
89 ICF Integral Coach Factory
90 ICL Indian Cricket League
91 ICM ignition control module
92 Identification identity document
93 If I international financial institution
94 IG Inspector General
95 IPL Indian Premier League
96 IPS Indian Police Service
97 ito income tax officer
98 js Javascript
99 jsp Janasena Party
100 JEE combined interest test
101 JKB Jammu and Kashmir Bank
102 JNU Jawaharlal Nehru University
103 lan local area network
104 LCD liquid crystal display a
105 lbs location based service
106 LDC Lower division clerk
107 lcv light commercial vehicle
108 LMR land mobile radio
109 LLB Bachelor of Law
110 LT ‘Letters’ long term storage
vital full form name

important full form 2023-24

111 lvi low voltage integrator
112 dm doctor of Medicine
113 M / s master of Science
114 MAC medical access control
115 mat minimum alternative tax
116 mc message center
117 MCM multi carrier mode
118 MFDF Micro Finance Development Fund
119 MGRS motorola gategrated radio system
120 mmi man machine interface
121 NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
122 Blink network access protocol
123 NCC National Cadet Corps
124 N c E r T National Council of Educational Research and Training
125 NCP Nationalist Congress Party
126 NCR National Capital Region
127 NDA National Democratic Alliance
128 NDC National Development Council
129 ndtv New Delhi Doordarshan
130 Neer national effective exchange rate
vital full form name

Regular Used Full Form 2023-24

131 NEP National Education Policy
132 NFO new fund offer
133 ngv natural gas vehicle
134 NHL National Hockey League
135 NIS National Institute of Sports
136 no objection certificate network operations center
137 npd net primary deficit
138 npr national population register
139 NRI NRI India
140 nss National service Scheme
vital full form name
141 NTP network time protocol
142 oc optical carrier
143 OD at work
144 O0EM Original Equipment Manufacturer
145 OFB Ordnance Factory Board
146 ofi other financial institutions
147 OHV overhead valve
148 Oil Oil India Limited
149 OLT optical line terminal
150 OMA open mobile alliance
151 ONT optical network termination
152 OPCW Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
153 os Operating System
154 OSI operating system interconnection
155 ost outer space treaty
156 OTP one time password
157 wok permanent account number
158 to Pat physical fitness test
159 PBP personal basic profile
160 pcb Pakistan Cricket Board
161 pcl printer control language
162 pc provincial civil service
163 PDA personal digital assistant
164 pdo public debt office
165 pgs payment gateway system
166 PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
167 pin postal index number
168 time Prime Minister
169 drink post office
170 PoC point of contact

common full form used in your life

171 pop plaster of Paris
172 ppb Paytm Payments Bank
173 PPP point to point protocol
174 ppt power passing tape
175 Panchayati Raj primary rate interface
176 PTI physical training instructor
177 PVC polyvinyl chloride
178 PVC private virtual circuit
179 Public Works Department Public Works Department
180 RPD Repeat Application Development
181 Raw Research and Analysis Wing
182 RDI remote fault indicator
183 RFI remote file inclusion
184 RGB red green blue
185 Tear out rest in peace
186 ris remote installation service
187 RNC radio network controller r
188 rpf railway protection force
189 right to Information real time ingest
190 right to Information right to Information
191 RTO road transfer office
192 RWD rear wheel driver
193 SA Arch South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
194 SUV sport utility vehicle
195 State Bank Of India state Bank of India
196 SDM sub Divisional magistrate
197 SEO Search Engine Optimization
198 SP Police Officer
199 s s b armed border force
200 ssd solid state drive
201 TC traction control
202 tco total cost of ownership
203 times of India times of India
204 Try Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
205 TRP television rating point
206 TVC total variable cost
207 Union Bank of India Union Bank of India
208 UK United Kingdom
209 university user network interface
210 United Nations organisation United Nations Organization
211 UTI universal transport interface
212 VIP very important person
213 Vin vehicle identification number
214 VT video terminal
215 gold wide area network
216 Welcome working capital
217 wcm wideband cable modem
218 wipro Vesta Indian Production
219 www world Wide Web
220 zb zeta bytes

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