Things Men Like To Hear From Women

In many cases, men are easy to please and even easier to understand.

A lot of women overestimate how much a guy actually wants in a relationship or how much he needs to feel appreciated.

Men can often be made to behave like a piece of putty by saying the proper words. Unfortunately, these aren’t things that many of us say very often.

Women, here are things guys really want to hear from the men in their lives:

“This time, I’ll cover the costs, hun.”

When it comes to going on a date, men are usually the ones who have to put in the work. Planning, budgeting, and transporting the girl are all part of the package, as well.

Offer to pay the entire bill the next time you dine there to demonstrate your thanks. I’m certain he’ll appreciate it.

“Damn, you’re strong,” she said.

If you’re a guy, you’ve got a part of you that’s macho, whether you like it or not. It’s true that he’d like to show off his strength in front of the senoritas. He will either melt or blush if you say this.

“Are you aware of the fact that you’re quite attractive?”

One of the things that most males dread about being a woman is the fact that women receive more compliments than men. Compliments are a rare occurrence for males. This is especially true when it comes to his appearance. Focus on one aspect of him if you want brownie points. When you say it, he’ll believe you’re telling the truth and light up like a Christmas tree.

“As a person, I find you admirable.”

On many levels, this is one of the most profound compliments I’ve ever received. The majority of men would like to hear this song at least once, even if they aren’t male.

It’s not enough to say, “I care about you.”

Everyone wants to hear this at least once, if only because it validates them and makes them feel like they’re wanted.. Everyone wants to hear this, regardless of their age or background.

“It’s time for sex.”

The man who never hears this from his loving partner will be both angry and sad. This is the kind of thing that every guy loves to hear repeatedly.

“You’re unlike any other person I’ve ever encountered.”

When women complain about how horrible males are, many men feel insulted. A Band-Aid can be applied to the wound by saying this to them.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

You’d be surprised at the number of men who take great pride in being the breadwinner and head of their household. You’re validating their manhood and demonstrating your appreciation for their efforts by stating this.

Relatively speaking, here are things that guys secretly love about women.

“I’m at ease with you.”

It’s safe to say that most males light up when they hear this. Most men’s greatest dread is being labelled a creep, so hearing this is a huge relief.

“Can we get a little raunchy?” he asked.

Because they’re afraid that a girl would think they’re gross, the vast majority of guys keep at least one of their kinks a secret from the women they’re seeing.

Ask him for kinky sex if you want him to relax and open up to you. Regardless of how much attention a man receives, he will benefit from it in some way.

“You’re a good person.”

They believe that women don’t perceive them as equals. Quite a few of them, in fact, place them on pedestals. If only because it makes him feel like he’s doing alright in your eyes, this old-fashioned complement will make him swoon.

“Your pals are so cool! :)”

Nothing makes a guy assume that a girl is “The One” like being able to get along with his pals. In the world of bros, it’s a good idea for a female to support his buddies.

As I said, “I’m really sorry.”

Saying you’re sorry when you’ve done anything wrong to a guy is polite. Sadly, “sorry” is something we don’t hear from folks we should hear it from all too frequently.

“Dude, I know you’ve had a rough day.”

In general, men have a greater sense of guilt than women, and they take it far more personally when they make a mistake. He will be relieved if you inform him that he is unable to rouse himself during sex or acts foolishly.

“Wow, it was incredible.”

Your first taste of his home food, or even just a pleasant date, can be topped off with this kind word. Praise men when they accomplish something good because they thrive on it.


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