The Best Massage Guns for Recovery from a Workout

Your massage gun arsenal should include some of the best models on the market today. When used correctly, massage guns can help speed up the warm-up and recovery phases of your workouts, as well as aid in the development of flexibility and mobility. An orthopaedic spine and neck surgeon recommends the use of massage guns in areas where significant muscle mass exists, such as neck, leg, back, and shoulder areas. – Dr. Rahul Shah According to him, because these are the most densely muscled parts of our bodies—the areas where massage is most effective—the massage gun can stimulate local blood flow and associated nutrients to those areas. Lactic acid and other byproducts of muscle fatigue are likely to accumulate in these areas.” Shah claims that these toxins can be effectively neutralised by massaging and stimulating blood flow to these areas. He backs this up with scientific evidence.

However, how do you know which massage gun is best for your situation? There are a few things to keep in mind if you intend to use a massage gun to stimulate and reinvigorate muscles.

Parts of the Human Body

Having an idea of what you intend to use the massage gun for is helpful before making a purchase. When it comes to massaging large muscle groups like the quads and hamstrings, Dr. Allen Conrad of the Montgomery County Chiropractic Center in North Wales, Pennsylvania, says: “Some massage guns are more heavy-duty and designed for large body parts.” While the Theragun Pro is best suited for larger muscles and areas like the forearm and wrist, a smaller massage gun like the Renpho Mini is best used to target smaller areas. Knowing which parts of the body need to be worked out for muscle kinks is essential when using massage balls or foam rollers.

In-Home Use vs. Travel

As a final consideration, think about where you intend to use the massage gun. When it comes to heavy-duty massage guns, Hypervolt and Theragun have excellent models that provide plenty of horsepower, but heavy-duty models weigh three to four pounds and can be almost a foot long.” He recommends smaller models like the Theragun Mini and Renpho Mini massage guns because they are more compact and therefore easier to carry around in a gym bag or suitcase.

Battery Expired

Depending on how, when, and where you use your massage gun, battery life may also play a role. According to Conrad, “Some massage guns may last only an hour, while others may last up to six hours.” With prolonged use, he recommends a charging cord, which is also important if the massage gun is going to be taken to work or on a road trip. According to him, “doing your research on cost and battery life is something to consider” because “not all massage guns come with a charging station.”

Dimensions and Mass

There are many attractive percussive massage guns on the market, but you need to think about more than just the aesthetics. Individual massage guns’ weight and ergonomic design will be critical, as a difficult-to-maneuver gun could result in unintended injury, Shah warns. As a chiropractor and injury expert at the Integra Health Centre in Toronto, Dr. Sapna Sriram holds a similar perspective to his own. The fact that you’ll be using one hand for most of the time means that you’ll want something lightweight and easy to use and place on various parts of your body, according to her.

Feature and Configuration

There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding which brand and model is best for you. Shah recommends looking into massage guns that allow you to adjust the percussion rate. “Typically, the more control you have over identifying an optimal setting for your individual needs, the more you can adjust the rate of percussion.” According to Shah, the percussion’s force should be taken into account as well. As he puts it, “Too much force will cause injury, and too little force will lead to ineffectiveness.””

Sriram says you should look for models with a variety of attachments because you’ll want to mix things up. Massage guns should come with attachments that can target different parts of your body and multiple muscle groups with targeted pressure, she says. If you’re warming up (pre-workout) or cooling down (post-workout) or treating unrelated muscle pain or gaining more mobility, a massage gun is an essential tool.

Uses for the Massage Gun Attachment

  • For joints, wrists, and feet, a bullet or cone-shaped head is the best.
  • In general, a flat-head attachment can be used for all muscles of the body.
  • An attachment with a ball or round head is ideal for both large and small muscle groups.
  • With a wedge attachment, you’ll be able to reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles.
  • Treating back, neck, shoulder and calf with a forkhead attachment is a good idea.
  • Arms, thighs, and calves benefit greatly from the use of an air cushion or round head attachment.
  • Additionally, you may want to consider your tolerance for noise when selecting a top-rated massage gun. When using this device on sensitive areas like the neck and shoulders, “the quieter the better,” she explains.

How to use a massage gun: some pointers

If you don’t know how to use it, no massage gun is going to be any good. As an example, you can’t just use it on your body. As Shah points out, “Avoid areas with little muscle, such as the jawline or the shins.”. In addition, Shah advises against using percussive massage guns for irritated or overworked muscles under certain conditions. Massage guns should be avoided in areas with torn muscles, skin tears, or other wounds that could lead to more serious injury.

A massage gun should not be used in areas that could cause pain in other parts of the body, according to Shah. You should avoid using the massage gun on your shoulder in the event that it causes pain or other symptoms to spread to your fingers. When you’re just getting started, resist the temptation to go all out. Sriram advises starting with the softer attachment heads to see if your body can handle the pressure. Sriram recommends starting with 30 seconds on the lightest setting and gradually increasing to 60 seconds. Once your body gets used to the device, you can increase the intensity.

Finally, check with your doctor to see if using a massage gun is safe for you. The following are the best massage guns to look into in light of all of the aforementioned factors.


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