June 3, 2023

Thavamai Thavamirundhu Revathi starred in: Thavamai Thavamirundhu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on TellyExpress.com

Thavamai Thavamirundhu is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. The story revolves around an old couple Markandeyan and Seetha who have put in their whole life to give a better life to their children. Things change when Markandeya retires. The serial focuses on the untold side of an elderly couple and the problems they face.

Earlier we have seen that Revathi and Raja plan to create a problem. Pandi marries Malar. Raja and Revathi’s plan fails. Revathi’s husband lost his children.

In today’s episode, Revathi asks her alcoholic husband about their children. She fears the worst when he fails to respond. Markandeyan and his family reach the spot to find the children. They look for children. A man takes the family to his place.

Raja goes and attacks the man when he learns the whereabouts of the children. Markandeya feels relieved on seeing the children. Markandeya thanked that person from the bottom of his heart. Revathi acts opposite Markandeya. She urges her husband to promise.

Markandeyan failed to believe his act. The next day, Revathi’s husband sits at the liquor shop to taste liquor. Markandeya reaches the spot to teach him a lesson.

In the coming episodes, the family will insist on registering Markandeyan’s name for the councilor election. Who will win the election?

Thavamai Thavamirundhu Revathi acted

Will Priya die after the pregnancy?

How will Ravi take care of Priya? Will Thanicalam trouble Markandeya and Uma?

When will Sita know the true colors of her children?

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