Stylists’ picks for the best jackets to wear in the next months

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For months, we’ve been waiting for this moment: Spring has finally arrived, which means it’s finally time to get rid of those heavy winter jackets and replace them with lighter ones.

Many of us still have a few frigid days ahead, so we can’t completely get rid of our clothing. As a result of this, we’re looking for lighter-weight choices that can keep us warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon.

The nicest part of spring jacket buying is that you can have a little more fun with your choices. Consider adding some of the newest fashions and choosing pieces that you adore rather than just sticking to what works and what keeps you warm.

So we asked Christina Stein, owner of Style By Christina, for her take on the season’s must-have jacket trends. She gave a rundown of some of her go-to spring jackets, as well as some stylish alternatives. We’ve also included some of the most popular and well rated products in the market.

The best spring shackets

As we transition from winter to spring, shackets, or shirt-jacket hybrids, have been a hot trend for some time now. When it becomes chilly at night, she likes to wear her shacket with a turtleneck, denim jeans, and a pair of attractive tennis shoes. “Depending on the material of the shacket, you can completely put a cute dress underneath, like a slip dress, and heels.”

Overshirt in faux leather from Zara

Zara has a Faux Leather Overshirt for $69.90.

Zara’s stylish faux leather shacket is a favourite of Stein’s. The sleeves are designed to fall just below your elbows, so we think this option is best for cooler nights.

Faux Leather Oversized Shirt Jacket from ASOS and Topshop

Jacket with big shirt collar in black faux leather from Topshop

The black oversized shirt jacket from Topshop in faux leather costs $86.00 at ASOS

Want the look of a leather jacket but don’t want to carry around the extra weight? I’m confident that this faux leather shacket will serve its purpose. If you’re going for a vintage look, we think Stein’s pick is a must-have.

Oversized Italian Bouclé Shirt Jacket by Banana Republic

Jacket with Shirt in Italian Bouclé Plaid

Banana Republic’s Oversized Italian Bouclé Shirt Jacket costs $79.99.

Unfortunately, many of us still have a long way to go until the weather warms up permanently. That’s why Stein’s selection is a good one. A blend of recycled wool and alpaca hair is used for extra warmth, according to the brand. It’s unlined and has an oversized fit, making it simple to layer.

Old Navy Brushed-Twill Shacket for Transitional Weather

Shacket for Women in Transitional Brushed-Twill

Old Navy Women’s Transitional Brushed-Twill Shacket, $32.48

Old Navy’s twill shacket looks perfect for spring’s chilly mornings and evenings. When it comes to pairing with other items in your wardrobe, Camel is a great option because it’s so versatile.

The best spring blazers

Another wonderful option for the season is a blazer, especially if your day calls for a dressier outfit. Previously, one stylist advised us to keep your undergarments basic when wearing blazers, especially if you’re wearing an oversized one. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, you can wear it with jeans or even sweatpants.

lightweight blazer in dark black satin jacquard by Lulus

Black Satin Jacquard Lightweight Blazer by Miss Punctuality

A black satin jacquard lightweight blazer by Lulus called Miss Punctuality is on sale for $56.00.

When going out with friends or going to work, this satin blazer by Stein is a must-have. The collared neckline, floral embossing, and pointed hems of the blazer make it a fashionable pick.

The Oversized Blazer by Everlane

The Extra-Large Blazer

Everlane’s Oversized Blazer costs $228.00.

In Stein’s opinion, this Everlane alternative has a more modern, menswear-inspired fit. However, while the oversize appearance is hot right now, it is recommended that you order one size smaller than you normally would.

As a side note, blazers are no longer simply for the office.

Coat by H&M with a single breast

Coat by H&M with a single breast

At H&M, you can buy a single-breasted jacket for $34.99

We prefer this H&M blazer as a cheap alternative. The satin lining in the bigger version makes it appear as though it would be comfy enough to wear all day. There are also five distinct colour options, which is much better.

This casual blazer is the Cicy Bell.

Jacket for women with open front and long sleeves

Blazer with open front and long sleeves for women, available at Amazon for $48.99

There are 18 different colours available for this stylish jacket, which is currently Amazon’s top-selling blazer. As one Shop TODAY reporter discovered, the piece can be dressed up for the office or down with biking shorts and a T-shirt to make a stylish daily outfit.

Denim jackets that are ideal for spring

The versatility of a denim jacket makes it a wardrobe staple. Stein also noted that the design is universally appealing. During the day, Stein added, “It can generate such a varied look, even from night to night. It can be matched with heels or shoes just as effortlessly. Stein’s current go-to method for wearing them? In addition to high-waisted trousers with a lovely tank bodysuit underneath, “many are wearing them with a pair of heels.”

Cut-off Denim Jacket from Zara



Featuring a lapel collar and a variety of wash possibilities, this jacket has a lot going for it. That’s why Stein recommended it for the season, and we don’t blame him.

Blue Frill Detail Denim Jacket by River Island

denim jacket with blue ruffle detailing

£93.00 River Island’s Blue Fringe Detail Denim Jacket

This River Island jacket is also a favourite of Stein’s. You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket with a few playful frill embellishments, like this one.

Original Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Original Trucker Jacket for Women

At Amazon, you can buy a Women’s Premium Original Trucker Jacket for $53.84.
Levi’s Women’s Original Premium Trucker Jacket, $89.50
Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket is a top seller on Amazon because of the way it fits and looks (it has more than 4,000 five-star ratings on the retail site). If you’re looking for a “great in-between layer that looks equally nice over a T-shirt or beneath a coat,” this is the garment for you.

Jacket in Indigo Denim from Riders by Lee.

A denim jacket from Indigo for women costs $34.35 at

It’s not hard to understand why this denim jacket is a top seller on Amazon. “Super cute,” “well-made,” and “the ideal amount of stretch” are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the cheap option.

Among the best spring trench coats are these:
Trench coats are Stein’s go-to winter outerwear piece. “A trench is always a safe bet,” she asserted. “It’s a classic piece, and it looks wonderful in all weather.” There is a cost associated with the pieces, but they are worth it, especially if you live in a place where it rarely snows, like Los Angeles or Miami, she advised.

We already learned from stylist Lucia Gulbransen that the fit of a trench coat is quite crucial. “You don’t want to wear a trench coat that’s too big because it will make you look fat. Additionally, you don’t want your trench to be too tight, since you want to be able to move freely and comfortably “she explained.

Burberry Kensington Trench Coat with Detachable Hood in Taffeta by Burberry

Burberry Kensington Trench Coat with Detachable Hood, $1,350.00

Burberry’s trench coats are legendary, and it’s hard to imagine a more iconic brand for them. Stein, likewise, is a fan of this product’s design. Trench coats, she explained, are an excellent investment. You can wear this coat year-round thanks to the brand’s storm shield, which allows rainwater to run directly off the garment.

Double-breasted trench coat from Wantdo.

Waterproof Trench Coat with Belt $53.97 on Amazon

Amazon’s best-selling trench coat is a great alternative for those on a budget. One person who tried on the coat said they would wear it “pretty much anywhere,” and we asked five women of all sizes to do the same.

Double-breasted Trench Coat with Hooded Hood

In a variety of spring-ready colours like Lilac or Orchid or Lemon this trench coat is an excellent choice. One reviewer described it as “bold, sleek, and elegant,” adding that it’s “a must-have for every wardrobe.” As an added bonus, with the promo code OWNIT, you can acquire it for less than half of its regular retail price!

The best spring bomber jackets.

Another choice is a bomber jacket, which will keep you warm when the weather shifts. With so many various materials to choose from, you can easily choose a bomber jacket that fits your own style. A leather bomber jacket over jeans or a slip dress might give an edgier vibe, Stein advised. Vinyl is another alternative. As far as I’m concerned, that may extend into the summer, depending on where you live.


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