March 30, 2023

From today i.e. 19th February Saurav Joshi vlogs earnings revealed She is coming out with the news. As per the information Saurav Joshi Vlogs had cast the latest video named “Yeh Kya Kar Diya Thar Ke Saath” and on the video of the same name when Saurav Joshi was doing his vlog i.e. finishing his His records were recorded with the camera in the warehouse of the YouTube channel.

He was shooting videos with the camera and at that time the YouTube warehouse was revealed in his laptop when his picture was coming out. Recorded as a single dollar in his vlog. In the duration of 7 minutes 15 seconds its Sourav Joshi’s clip of income from YouTube which you can see is going to YouTube.

Disclosure of income of Sourav Joshi vlogs

$98510.91 has been made in the last 28 days from Saurav Joshi’s YouTube. Sourav Joshi puts one video everyday and put 28 videos in 28 days and the earnings from youtube channel for the last 28 days was dollar. If dollars are converted into Indian rupees, then 8153304.72 lakh rupees are made. Even Rs 81 lakh is not going to be enough for him because he holds 45 percent of YouTube. So this means that 45 percent of 81 lakh YouTube will be available to Souravjoshi vlogs only around 44.55 lakh to stay with them.

Saurav Joshi vlogs earnings revealed
Saurav Joshi vlogs earnings revealed

YouTube uses 45 percent of the space for its servers and YouTube’s earnings are also from summary. It is being told on YouTube that Sourav Joshi people have earned 80 lakh rupees in the last 28 days. The truth is that Saurav Joshi Vlogs is going to get 55 percent of the maximum earning that Sourav Joshi Vlogs has earned from YouTube in the last 28 days. If the fish is visible in Adsense then YouTuber gets it in full. Compared to YouTube, good income is seen from the website.

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