When iconic hip hop musician Snoop Dogg revealed his plan to transition Death Row Records into an NFT record company, the music industry was not quite prepared for such a radical change in direction. Snoop’s choice to include elements of blockchain technology into his brand has helped to extend the scope of what NFTs represent, and his efforts are already assisting in the integration of the blockchain world with the entertainment industry.

According to him, Death Row, which he recently claimed as his own, will transport musicians to the metaverse and expose them to a whole other music chain. Death Row will be the first non-profit label in the history of the worldwide music business, according to him.

As part of his foray into the realm of non-fungible tokens, Snoop Dogg started accumulating these tokens under an assumed name. As of 2021, the wallet had around $17 million in non-fungible tokens and approximately 250 non-fungible tokens. In March 2021, he published his NFT, which comprised of an original tune as well as his Dodge cryptocurrency. The NFT sold for as much as $33,500 when it was first released.

The singer’s interest in nonlinear functional transformations (NFTs) extends beyond musical applications, as he is now creating his Snoopverse in the metaverse.

He has created a virtual copy of his California residence on this virtual land area. A game firm involved in blockchain development collaborated with him before unveiling Death Row as an exclusive non-fungible token-focused label. Bacc On Death Row, his latest album, was released as a result of his collaboration with the label.

Other Artists Traveling by the NFT Train

Blockchain technology is quickly becoming an interesting notion, and in this spirit, non-financial tokens (NFTs) are growing popular and being accepted by a variety of people, including celebrities. In addition to Snoop Dogg, a number of other celebrities have joined the NFT bandwagon throughout the course of time.

Grimes is a popular artist who has embraced the future aspect of NFTs and has sold around ten works of digital art as a result. Quite astonishingly, these works of art sold for almost $6 million in less than twenty minutes.

A similar acceptance of NFTs was shown by Shawn Mendes’ collaboration with Genies to promote a variety of unusual wearables, such as virtual guitars and earrings and necklaces, and vests.

The selling of these NFTs resulted in the artist being around $600,000 wealthier than he was before. Eminem, on the other hand, released his first non-fiction book in April 2021, which is now available online. Amazingly, it took the shape of a digital festival, during which he also gave supporters the opportunity to win a non-fungible token collectible.

Music Non-Fiction Publishers and the Music Industry

It is the development of NFTs that has an impact on the entertainment sector, and specifically on the music industry. Because of the development of global sectors, more singers and music artists are quickly embracing non-financial technologies (NFTs), which provides a number of advantages for the music industry.

Musicians are especially thankful to non-profit organizations (NFTs) since they are able to generate income on their own via the usage of certain platforms. It is possible to do away with middlemen in this way since artists may communicate directly with their fans and audience and advertise their music directly.

NFTs also assist artists in developing a devoted following by providing a platform via which fans may access the NFTs of a specific artist. Because of the advancement of these tokens, existing known artists are given a whole new perspective on the music industry.

It also makes it easier for new musicians to get into the music industry since they do not have to go via the traditional channels. They may effectively sell their works to their followers and audience by simply minting their songs as non-fungible tokens and distributing them to them.


Despite the fact that the vast majority of artists are not actively researching this part of financial technology, the importance of these tokens on the entertainment industry is progressively growing over time.

Additionally, the increased degree of knowledge and exposure to technology has an advantageous effect on the entertainment business and the music sector. Snoop Dogg is demonstrating how artists and producers may profit from adopting the innovation of NFTs, and he is also teaching them how to do so successfully

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