June 4, 2023

today we are going to tell you siddharth borgohain accident News in this article. As you must be aware that Siddharth Borgohain had a car accident recently in which he did not survive. Siddharth Borgohain died in this car accident. You must know about Siddharth Borgohain who was a bodybuilder. The name of the car that Siddharth Borgohain was driving in this accident was Harrier. The popularity of Pole Harrier car will be seen a lot and you probably will not hear about this car anywhere.

Siddharth Borgohain car accident
siddharth borgohain accident

siddharth borgohain accident news

Siddharth Borgohain was going from Dhemaji to Achal and to his destination in Pathar Harrier itself. But its car started falling down from the bridge due to which a person sitting in the car got some injuries. But Siddhartha Borgohain died on the spot. The condition of the Grade Harrier had worsened after the accident. It has not yet been revealed whether this is true siddharth borgohain accident How did it happen?

But it is being speculated that this accident has happened because of the highlights. Because of excessive bleeding, what is coming from the front is not visible properly about it. On the one hand, it was also being told that suddenly a vehicle appeared in front, due to which the car fell down from the bridge while handling the car.

siddharth borgohain accident It happened probably on 3rd January. early in the morning siddharth borgohain accident happened. As we told you that Siddhartha Borgohain was killed by wildlife. While the other person in the car has suffered some injuries, who has been taken to a hospital along with Lakhimpur Medical College.

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