June 4, 2023

Tennis super player Sania Mirza has finally made up her mind to retire and she herself has given information about it on social media. news of sania mirza leaving tennis We are going to tell in detail about the one who has come out. News has come out that Sania Mirza had told some time ago that she will continue in the championship to be held on February 19 in Dubbi and only after that she changed her mind. Now Sania Mirza has posted new information through Twitter that we are going to this blog.

sania mirza quits tennis news in hindi

After this, Sania Mirza posted again through Twitter that she is going to play her last match on January 16 only. That is, now on January 16, the last tennis match will be played in the same way. On January 16, Sania Mirza is going to have a tournament in Australia and she is going to participate in the same.

news of sania mirza leaving tennis
news of sania mirza quitting tennis

After this he is going to say goodbye to tennis forever. news of sania mirza leaving tennis Sania Mirza’s Twitter account came out because she herself had given information about it, told a lot. Sania Mirza recalled that moment when she went to court with her mother in Hyderabad at a very young age. While there, the coach had taught him a lot about tennis.

Now Sania Mirza is very big and popular that everyone knows. Sania Mirza’s match was going to be held in Dubai on February 19, which she had made up her mind to play the last tournament. Now he will add the last tournament only on January 16, after which he will say goodbye to tennis forever. news of sania mirza leaving tennis People were shocked who saw their match.

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