May 30, 2023

information is coming out now queen panda car accident news Regarding and I give you exact accurate information about the same which is latest. According to information, it is being told that Rani Pandit’s car has met with an accident and on investigation it has been found that it is true. But did not collide with any one i.e. did their car collide with any vehicle or with something, then let us know. queen panda car accident about everything.

queen panda car accident news

Information is coming out that Rani Pandit was returning in her own car after attending a marriage ceremony. The car on which Rani Pandit was riding had an accident with the bike coming from the front. The bike rider was seriously injured in this accident. After this, the young man was taken to the hospital by bike and he died the next day i.e. on Saturday itself.

queen panda car accident
queen panda car accident

For this reason, now Rani Pandit and Kar Swar Chalkar have been taken into custody for investigation. Who is at fault in this accident, it is being investigated by the police and also the CCTV cameras installed there are being examined. For information, let me tell you that Rani Pandit has narrowly escaped in this accident, but in this accident a young man riding a bike has died and it is a matter of regret.

Rani Panda News
Rani Panda News

queen panda car accident The bike rider who died was a resident of Rajnagar village of Athgarh and his age is said to be 30 years. The name of this bike voice youth is being told as Sukant Behera. queen panda car accident It happened in Athgarh and it was there that the police is taking up the matter with the greatest. This accident happened on Dalkhai road on the way from Mundali to Athgarh. as we queen panda car accident If I get any information about this, then I update it in this article inside this website so that you can stay updated.

queen panda death or not

I have seen that some people are feeling that Rani Pandit has died. Also some people want to know whether Rani Pandit has survived or not and why queen panda death News about the internet getting it wrong. So let me tell you for information queen panda car accident Rani Pandit narrowly escaped, but a 30-year-old youth riding a bike died in this accident and the local people are shocked by this accident.

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