February 8, 2023

Friends, tomorrow i.e. on the night of 8 shutters only. news of death of punjab police constable Is coming out which I am going to tell you in this article. Police constable was killed by assailants on Kuldeep Singh who was chasing a stranger in Phagwara. The name of the murdered police constable was Kuldeep Singh alias Kamal Bajwa. then let’s find out news of death of punjab police constable with detail.

punjab police constable death news in hindi

For information, you had the four people seen in the fountain of speculation who were trying to rob someone’s car, the reason for which was not given. After this those who ran away with the car. This was informed to the police, out of which the police SHO’s gunman Kuldeep Singh alias Kamal Bajwa first started his work. Kuldeep Singh was chasing these bullies like Kamal Bajwa.

news of death of punjab police constable
news of death of punjab police constable

After chasing the tyrant, Kamal Bajwa was not aware that the stranger who was running away with the car was carrying a gun which could attack him at any time. When the miscreants saw that some person was following them, the miscreants fired at Kuldeep Singh alias Kamal Bajwa and made him fall. Kamal Bajwa died in the hospital itself. After this the police got the information which was given in Phagwara. Its information was given to the filer police so that the filer police could stop the vehicle deposited at the naka.

As soon as they come with the sticker in the filer, the police surround the stranger’s car. Firing took place both from the unemployed and from the police side, a lot of bullets were fired. A friendship with enemies from all around was successful whose name is Arjun Singh. While three miscreants are still in police custody. The names of the three strangers are Kulwinder, Ranbir and Vishnu. All three had bullet injuries on their arms, legs and legs, due to which they fell on the spot.

All the three bullets were hit by bullets, due to which the condition of two was said to be very serious, which was first filed in Phillar’s Civil Hospital. Due to the seriousness of the situation, it was disclosed in the Civil Hospital of Jalandhar. As soon as morning came out, I came to know that one of the three injured people had died. The names of the dead martyrs are being told by Kulwinder Singh, for whom two bullets were taken in the stomach itself.

kuldeep singh bajwa death news in hindi

SHO’s gunman Kuldeep Singh alias Kamal Bajwa was killed in this firing. Expressing grief over this accident, CM Bhagwant Mann gave a message on social media. Simultaneously, CM Bhagwant Mann has decided to give Rs 2 crore as help to Kuldeep Singh’s family soon. news of death of punjab police constable Kuldeep Singh has reached the family of Kamal Bajwa, his family is in bad condition by crying.

The family members of Kuldeep Singh alias Kamal Bajwa were seen crying and mourning surrounded them. On the Internet news of death of punjab police constable Rumors are spreading because while on one side those who could have led to a major incident were caught, on the other hand SHO’s gunman Kuldeep Singh ur Kamal Bajwa was killed. news of death of punjab police constable As we get more information, we will keep updating this blog.

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