June 3, 2023

As you must have come to know that pro rider has become 1000 accident i.e. about Agastya Chauhan rider accident. After this accident, there is mourning in the YouTube community because it was not a fat moto vlogger but a very big moto vlogger because its good special fan was small.

It had fan following only on social media whereas people knew Augusta Chauhan as Pro Rider 1000 as it is the name of her YouTube channel. The Pro Rider 1000 YouTube channel has already reached 1.22 million subscribers and the latest video has the highest number of views and this is because the news of the Pro Rider 1000 accident went viral. Know the complete details regarding the Pro Rider 1000 accident in this article.

pro rider 1000 death news
pro rider 1000 crash

pro rider 1000 crash

The accident of Augusta Chauhan, owner of Pro Rider 1000 YouTube channel, happened yesterday i.e. on May 3 during the day time. Augusta Chauhan was going to Delhi to participate in a long ride competition. Yami Express on the way where he met with a BK accident. The cause of the Pro Rider 1000 accident is said to be over-speeding followed by loss of balance. However, there was no sharp turn either, due to which the balance of Agusta got upset.

pro rider 1000 bike accident news
pro rider 1000 bike accident news

Stayed steady and slowly for some reason its bike climbed on the divider. Immediately after hitting the divider, the bike started overturning. Due to high speed bike flips and falls on the road due to climbing stairs in Augusta. Due to this accident, the helmet worn on the head of Augusta Chauhan was shattered and she still got a deep injury on her head. Due to this injury, Augusta Chauhan is reported to have died on the memorials.

agastya chauhan bike accident news
agastya chauhan bike accident news

This pro rider 1000 accident video will not be available on youtube soon because the video has been uploaded in huge amount regarding the news itself. However, on Instagram you will easily find videos of Pro Rider 1000 accidents. You will search Pro Rider 1000 on Instagram, after which the video of Agastya Chauhan rider accident will appear in front of you. For information, you claim that along with August K Chauhan, other bike riders were also accompanying them, who were going to Delhi.

One of these riders’ helmet-mounted cameras recorded 1000 accidents of pro riders on their cameras. By watching the video, you will come to know exactly how the big plates of jam fell flat on the bike divider at high speed and after that how Agastya Chauhan himself fell on the other side of the straight road due to the high speed of the plates.

After this accident, many YouTubers have prepared a video in which they appealed to the people not to ride the bike at high speed and to ride with the clutch only. A moto vlogger accompanying Augusta Chauhan also told that some people are spreading viral news on social media about Augusta Chauhan as if a trucker had hit the bike of Augusta Chauhan from behind due to which she fell. , However, it is not like that.

On the other hand, a moto vlogger who crowned August has also accused Aamir Majeed. A moto vlogger who went with Augusta Chauhan says that Aamir Majeed also joined the ride along with Augusta Chauhan. Aamir Majid hit the rear of Agusta Chauhan’s bike, due to which Agusta Chauhan had an accident. On the other hand, a YouTuber has also made an expose video of Augusta Chauhan.

After this accident, Aamir Majid had left from there, after which people and friends of Augusta Chauhan are feeling the possibility of going over Aamir Majid. It is not yet confirmed whether Aamir Majeed really hit the rear of Agusta Chauhan’s bike or not. The police is further investigating the incident secretly, the exact reasons are being ascertained.

Note :

Life comes once, not again and again. That’s why don’t ride the bike at high speed and ride the bike with the fuses on so that no harm is done to you, your family and any person in front. Whatever information I have given in this article of this blog, we have collected it from the internet, while the complete information will come out from his friends and some family members only after a few days and its details will be given in this article. Can update.

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