June 4, 2023

Will Parineeti Sanju save Parineet? Written Update 2023: In today’s article you will get to see new updates about parineeti sanju to save parineeti, you are very welcome if you like to read article, and you can also know about more tv serials through this website Can write Moving forward, to save Parineet, Parineeti gives today’s update about Sanju.

Will Parineeti Sanju save Parineet? Written Update 2023

Parineeti is a popular show of Colors Tv. The show never fails to entertain the audience with its unique storyline. Now, the series focuses on both Parineet and Neeti encouraging Pratiksha to fight for her rights.

In a recent episode, we see: Raghu threatens Bebe when she refuses to give him money. Neeti expresses her concern for Parineet to Bebe. Bebe Ravi agrees to accompany Sanju and Neeti to Kavya’s wedding. Neeti also convinces Parminder to attend Ravi, Kavya’s wedding. Aditya and Deepanshu bring Parineet to Randhawa’s house.

Manvi learns about Parineet from Aditya. She scolds both Aditya and Deepanshu and repents for sending them out. She then advises them to keep Parineet in a special room which Aditya obliges. Later, Sanju’s family comes to attend Ravi, Kavya’s wedding. They also give special dance performances.

Parineet comes to her senses and helps Pratiksha to come out of the cupboard. She then advises Pratiksha to fight for her rights. Later, Bebe and Raghu threaten to spare each other. Parineet gets confused overhearing Bebe’s conversation with Raghu on the call.

The policy becomes aware of the problems of waiting. She also encourages Pratiksha to fight for her rights. Pratiksha tells Neeti that Parineet had also given her the same advice. Niti is shocked and confused by Pratiksha’s revelations.

In the coming episodes viewers will see; Parineet will tell Sanju that Ravi is already married to Pratiksha so he cannot marry Kavya. Meanwhile Bebe will tell Neeti about the chandelier which will fall on Parineet. The chandelier will fall. Sanju will run to save Parineet. Everyone will be surprised to see.

What will happen next? Will Parineet find out about Neeti and Bebe’s evil plan? Will Sanju be able to save Parineet? Stay tuned for more will be updated tomorrow.

Parineeti will save Sanju Parineet Written Update 2023

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