June 4, 2023

In today’s episode of Pandya Store 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish is going to tell about taking Shweta to the hospital, now you will get to see this update in Hindi.

The Episode starts with everyone trying to get Natasha. Doctor says Dr. Alok started operation, will take Natasha to OT. Dev says mother, you convince her. Suman says she is Judi like her mother. Gautam asks Natasha to come. Dr. Alok comes and scolds the doctor. He asks the experts of the house to persuade Natasha. Gautam and Suman ask Natasha to come. Natasha says I want Shweta mumma. Shivank gets happy.

Dr. Alok asks them to call Shweta. He says that the operation is actually imp. Doctor says get it fixed soon, I ask doctor not to remove Dhara’s organs. Shivank asks them to get Shweta out of jail. Rishita says she is disgusting woman, she had kidnapped my daughter. Shivank tries to pacify them. Krish says we cannot free her.

Dev says he blackmails us again. Shivank says you cannot see this situation. Krish says you don’t know her. Shivank says that Dhara is going to donate her organ, is Shweta worth less than Dhara and Natasha’s life. Rishita said he is right, Krish gets Shweta.

He says if anything happens to Dhara, I cannot forgive myself. Gautam and Dev agree with her. Nurse says quickly. Shweta is requested to come for the sake of Rishita Dhara. Dr. Alok examined the stream. Krish comes to meet Shweta. She sings. He says I came here for Chutki, he is not ready for operation, he wants to see you. He says if I refuse then… He says then in Chak, some day there will be an operation. He says I am ready to come. He becomes free. He takes the camera and has a few talks. She says it got recorded in the camera that how you hugged me. goes.

Shweta comes to the hospital and hugs Natasha. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. She sends Natasha to OTT. Shweta troubles the family. Everyone is under stress. Operation continues. Nurse says organ was released late, so Dhara’s condition is critical, you have to sign these papers. Gautam remembers Dhara. He signs the document. The nurse asked her to stay outside. Suman prays for Stream. Shivank thinks whether Dhara will survive or not. Everyone thinks of Natasha. Natasha is operated. The heart of the stream is ornamented. The doctors worry.

Pandya Store 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Now it will be updated tomorrow, you are showing this website (pagalnews.com) for further information. Let me tell you that it used to take some time to read in English language, now you will get to read in your language.

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