June 3, 2023

More than 5 lakh people have downloaded till now it’s ok money application. It is also visible whether ok money app in hindi is real or fake so that it can be known about the genuineness of this application. Even if more than 5 lakh people have downloaded the OK Money app, how many people are active is what matters most about this OK Money app.

This OK Money app is going on and some work has also been done, due to which I will be able to tell and explain the correct information about OK Money app real or fake. This will give you the correct information about OK Money App which will be based on my ratio. So know about OK Money app genuine or fake as per my details.

ok money app real or fake
ok money app real or fake in hindi

ok money app real or fake in hindi

Ok Money app is not fake but genuine app means this app is correct. Right app means this GSP is going to earn money. I am saying this because I earn money from this OK Money App and for this reason I am telling you good things about OK Money App. However, also see some of its drawbacks of OK Money App, about which I tell you through point by point, which are as follows below:

  • Creating an account in the OK Money app is quite easy as the account does not give much details to the user which I like a lot.
  • The account does not go to any kind of associated code, only after filling which the bonus is received. New user gets free bonus without reference code which is in the form of 40. My account was created quickly and I got the bonus of Rs.40 on the spot.
  • Everyday 2 rupees daily bonus bonus is good and so much bonus is available very much and ok money app is doing such work. However, the Daily Bonus is available only once a day in the OK Money app.
  • Below the feature of the name of the game, there are some games in which money can be earned by playing, it is quite difficult. This is because I found it very difficult to earn money by playing the game which I did not get. However, if you play or do not play the game by clicking on the star task button with the game name feature, you get a bonus of Rs 2, that too 4 times a day.
  • If you share only the link of OK Money app to 10 people through WhatsApp, then you will get 20 rupees in return and this is written in the app. But I had seen that only 5 people get 20 rupees only by sharing the link because I had seen it by doing so. Why not share the link of OK Money app to more than 10 people, you will get only 20 rupees bonus and not more than that.
  • Ok money app can’t transfer money less than 300 rupees to our account, it’s called shortcoming.

my opinion

So in the end you have got to know that ok, if you want to earn then ok money GSP is the right GSP which we can give by earning money. There is no qualification whether OK Money App will give money in the coming time or not because it remains on the company only. In this article of this blog, whatever information we have given about OK Money App, real or fake, has been given correctly.

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