June 3, 2023

News is coming out regarding the vehicle accident of North Sikkim Army that 16 seals have died. After hearing this news Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the President also social media The sad news has been revealed. This accident happened today i.e. on 23 connect during the day time. The Indian Army truck carrying 20 jawans was on its way from Chatan towards Thenghu. It is being told that the Indian Army truck fell directly into the bay after slipping on a sharp turn on the way.

north sikkim army vehicle accident
north sikkim army vehicle accident

North Sikkim Army Vehicle Accident News

16 people have died in this accident, while four jawans have been injured. It is also a matter of happiness that four Indian soldiers survived. The four injured jawans have been admitted to the hospital. It is said that the area of ​​North Sikkim, which is occupied in India, is very dangerous, as the movement of vehicles is very troublesome.

Because there is a lot of ice floating in this area. It is possible that this is the reason why the Indian Army truck got hit by a slug because the tire slip was being told as the reason. If you look at the condition of the truck, the truck is giving a lot of damage which you can see in the picture itself. Other information we are trying to give you in this website.

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