June 4, 2023

Bawari was not seen in Taarak Mehta Ka Chashma for a long time. Bawri is also demanding for the audience (New Bawri in TMKOC 2023) to be seen in the episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Onside Chashmah as he was not appearing in the episode since a long time. I noticed that most of the people were commenting that Bawri will be brought in the episode soon so that we can see the ship of his adventures. The viewers did not know whether the old Bawari Taarak Mehta Ke Maaney Chashme show has been shelved or not.

New Bawri in TMKOC 2023

As we have mentioned that now Puri Bawari has not come for the role plugin in the new episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Onside Chashmah. After not seeing Bawari in this show for a long time, there is good news for the audience and the good news is that there is a hint to see the new Bawari in Tarak Mehta’s Alag Chashme show. Asit Modi, director of Taarak Mehta Ke Chashme, has informed that old Bawari will not be seen in this new show, indicating to see the new work Bawari Zaroor. then let’s know friends New Bawri in TMKOC 2023 ,

New Bawri in TMKOC 2023
New Bawri in TMKOC 2023

Navina Wadekar in TMKOC

Navina Wadekar to play Tiger’s Bawari in the new episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Onside Chashmah. Navina Wadekar who will now play the role of Bawari in the show Chashme opposite Taarak Mehta. Its shooting has started and its episodes will be seen only for a few days to see the role of new Bawari. The identity of the rollline investigator of the first Bawri was Monika Bhadoria.

Monika Bhadoria is the same character who played Tigera’s Bawri in the old Taarak Mehta Ke Chashme show. Audiences loved Monika Bhadoria’s performance as Bawri, whose funny dialogue was “Galti se galti ho gayi”. Now it remains to be seen whether the audience will like this dialogue coming out of the mouth of Naya Bawri, who has joined Taarak Mehta’s front glasses or not.

Navina Wadekar was chosen by Asit Modi for the role of Bawari. We just wish that Navina Wadekar’s acting as Bawri is at its best so that the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah can run smoothly. I am saying this because for a long time viewers were finding all the episodes of Taarak Mehta Ka Chashma boring. There was also a calendar older than 1500, watching all those episodes was a lot of fun, watching new episodes is not as fun as before.

Finally Navina Wadekar has been selected for the role of Bawri in the show Glenn in Tarak Mehta’s Kinare Chashme. In just a few days, you will get to see the role of Bawri. His entry is not going to happen just like that but it will be with a bang. The new Bawari in the glasses in front of Tarak Mehta’s entry will be in such a way that Jetha Lal will be shocked to see it. Because of this, the audience also enjoys a lot.

I believe that today’sNew Bawri in TMKOC 2023You will get complete information in the article. You will get to know everything about New Bawari in TMKOC 2023. Now you do not need to know anything new by searching Nai Bawari in TMKOC 2023 on internet. In the last, if I tell something, then the acting of the old Bawari is going to be tremendous as compared to the new Bawari.

Real name of TMKOC New Baori

Original name of TMKOC Purani Baori

Who is Navina Wadekar

Navina Wadekar is well known as an actress who has recently joined Taarak Mehta’s Onside Chashmon show.

Navina Wadekar role in TMKOC

Navda Wadekar will be seen in the role of Bawri (Baagha’s fiancee).

New Bawri in TMKOC 2023

Navna Wadekar (Navna Wadekar)

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