May 30, 2023

Yesterday news of bomb in moscow goa flight It was coming out about which we are going to tell you. According to the information, it was being told that there is a possibility of someone hiding from the bomb in the flight from Moscow to Goa. There was also a threat to blow this ship with a bomb. This information is available on the landing of the plane in some other airport. Emergency landing of flight going from Moscow to Goa Emergency landing of this flight was to be done at the airport built in Uzbekistan.

moscow goa flight bomb news in hindi

This incident happened yesterday i.e. on 21 January. It was only around 12:30 pm on Saturday afternoon that the director first received the news of the bomb threat in the Moscow-Goa flight, after which the plane was asked to be diverted. According to the news of the Moscow Goa flight bomb threat, it is believed that the director working at Dabolim airport in South Goa was the first to receive the mail.

In that mail, flight number AZV2463 was threatened with a rumored bomb. It was written in the mail that some person has hidden a bomb in a ship named AZV2463 and it can fly. The Director immediately informed the ATC about this and informed the pilot of the aircraft (AZV2463).

news of bomb in moscow goa flight
news of bomb in moscow goa flight

When did the flight (AZV2463) take off from the Moscow runway and was headed to Goa’s Dabolim airport. The plane was going to land in Goa. ATC immediately asked the pilot of the plane (AZV2463) to superheat at the airport Uzbekistan. There were 240 passengers on board the aircraft. According to the current information, all the passengers have been out after the plane was hit in Uzbekistan, which has now been sent to the hotel.

The landing plane is being checked in Uzbekistan. For the time being, Uzbekistan is closed for the time being so that the investigation can be completed. You were heard in fear of being bombed while going from Moscow to Goa, which was rumoured. This incident can also be a rumor because it is not a matter of anyone’s bus in the plane because the security in the airport is very high.

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