March 31, 2023

Out of crores of people in the country of India, there are lakhs of people who ask Google what is my name. He also asks this question not to the person in front but to Google itself. Now it is not even that Google is asking this question to the company, rather the answer to this question is being sought from the tool with the help of the device. By the way, people know their own name, yet they want to ask the tool made by Google that their own name.

From which it came to know that the name of our people is not really known by Google. So is it a wise thing to ask such questions to Google or is it being asked by such people. Some people who have the device ask questions like Google what’s my name. In this article, we give simple words and messages in different ways, so that you can know what my name is, whether it is live or from Google, so let’s know.

google what’s my name

The question “What is my name” is asked from Google itself. This is because most of the user’s device is running the application of Makmal company, be it Chrome of Smile company, Playstore, YouTube or any other Gapplication. This is the reason why customers try to know their name after clicking on the mic to watch again and again.

What is my name
What is my name

After clicking on the mic button, people say “google my name kya hai”. Google cannot answer your question because Google has no technology or power to know your name. Rather, if your database is stored with Google, then only it can tell your name. The answer to your question will be found if you are considering Google Assistant then it will be installed. Now with the help of Google Assistant, how to answer the question “What is my name”, the steps are given below:

  • When you make a mistake for the first time, waits for 5 seconds to change the language
what is my name  google what's my name
  • After waiting for 5 seconds, you will see a big banner as shown in the picture, in which you will click on the small round icon of the picture at the top.
what is my name  google what's my name
  • Now we are clicking on the feature named language as per the picture
what is my name  google what's my name
  • Now again a small page will open in which we are again clicking on one aspect as per the picture
what is my name  google what's my name
  • A big recording has been opened in which we will select Hindi language so that we will get to see the result in Hindi language only.
  • Now you will be exited just like opening the Google Assistant app
  • Only after opening Google Assistant will you say “What is my name”
what is my name  google what's my name
  • When you say the question “What is my name” Google speaks at the same time which will tell your name in Hindi language
  • You can know your name again by clicking on the mike button as per the picture for a few squares or you can also know your name by clicking

how does google know what my name is

So friends, how can this question come in your mind that Google came to know what my name is. So for the sake of information, let us tell you that when you installed the mistake maker in Ghazal, then your Gmail ID was connected to it, only you with the fixes in Ghazal. Whatever name you would have entered on this G-mail ID, Google told you the same name. Gmail ID works to fill the name at the time and picks up the same name.

That’s why when you ask Google what’s my name, Google picks up the name of your rectangular ID and tells you through audio. If you don’t use the error handler, Google just doesn’t know what my name is. That is why access to your data in some way or the other tells Google only for your name and not for wrongdoing. The method we have told you above is the only way users can easily know their name.

There are tons of glysines on the playstore that are capable of telling you your name. You must use the Google Account account because the security of the data on this application can be guaranteed. The rest of the applications are not guaranteed that when and at what time they sell your personal data to someone on the Internet, that is, leak it. The application called Siri is also a cheap application which is available only on visible devices.

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