June 4, 2023

In today’s episode you will see Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Hindi will tell that Prachi and Ranbir found peace in happiness, now you will get to see this update in Hindi.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rhea going to the clinic. Akshay comes to Dadi and Shahana and gives the medicines prescribed by the doctor and says that there is also an energy alert prescribed by him. He asks Shahana where does she want to go? Shahana says it is far from here, will happen later. Akshay comes home with Dadi and Shahana. Akshay asks if he can meet Prachi. Grandma yes comes.

He meets her. Shahana tells Grand that she will give medicine to Prachi. Dadi reassures her. Shahana says Aksh is good, Prachi said ahead with them. Riya tells Shikhar that he will not walk until she gives him medicine. Ranbir says he got minor injury in the lift and nothing much. She says if it is serious then I will get you admitted in the hospital. He takes the medicine and thanks her. Riya smiled.

He says you behave like children sometimes. Riya gets upset with him. Ranbir asks can I sleep. Rhea says I am leaving and says good night. He smiles and leaves.

Akshay says goodnight to Prachi and says he is leaving. Prachi says good night and thanks her for whatever she did and says good but I am crazy for you. Akshay says if I say anything you might feel bad and says I can do anything for you. There are ancient replicas. Akshay says a friend can do anything for another friend.

Prachi says I understand your feeling. Axis says good night and leaves. Prachi put to sleep. Ranbir and Prachi think about his words. Ranbir recalls Ashish hugging Prachi, while Prachi recalls hugging Rhea after Ranbir stopped her from getting photographed. The song plays, because old gets old.

Shahana asks Dadi, why is Prachi not understanding. Dadi is saying that there is no place for a boy in her life. He says Prachi saw Rhea and Ranbir together like we saw them. Shah wants to ask if Riya and Photos love each other. Prachi comes there.

Dadi asks her to listen. He sits down and says I can understand what you are doing. Shahana says I should find what you are doing. Dadi says we saw her and was looking happy. Shahana says they were like a couple and was holding each other lovingly.

She says that is why you are hurt and says you need someone who loves you more than pictures. Dadi says Aksh is there. Shahana says I always only love you pictures, but Akshay loves you a lot.

Prachi says enough and says she has no feelings for Aksh and will never have. She says she risked her career because Akshay proposed her, however Ashok sir drops his resignation letter. He says till I reach there, Aksh cannot move forward with anyone.

Shahana says Aksh is a good boy. Dadi says why do you want to wait for the pics, as she is gone. He says how will you spend your life alone? Prachi says I m all fine, and doesn’t want anyone in my life. He leaves from there and the vase falls down. Dadi gets hurt while walking from there. He asks God to take all her (Prachi’s) pain and give her happiness. That’s bread.

Ranbir asks Dida to stop and asks why are you saying this again and again. Dida says Prachi has become of Aksh and he wants to stay, and you stop yourself, why do you want to touch yourself. Ranbir says so much has happened to me today, I have had enough. Dida says I was silent till now, as I thought Riya and your relationship is progressing, but suddenly Prachi returns.

He says why don’t you understand that Prachi has become of Aksh. Ranbir says I am going out and going to some place. Dida says Pallavi always says that Prachi is the shining light of this house and now I feel the same. The scene goes out and in the lift and thinks about his words. He says if the lift crashes after some time, then we complete our talk, and says our luck is bad. He puts the family in his car and leaves.

Prachi is walking on the road and crying. She remembers Dadi’s words that she will be all. She sits on the roadside and thinks about Sanak’s words and Dida’s announcement. Bajta hai…roolke gaya ishq ter play….Khushi comes there and puts her hand on his shoulder. Sachi says speculatively… He is happy seeing Khushi. Khushi cries seeing her crying and keeps her place. Prachi hugs him and cries.

Shahana makes Dadi sit and asks are you fine. He says what will happen to us if you do this. Dadi says no matter if I did. He says it is Prachi’s pain which is flowing from my eyes. They say that she is still where she was 6 years ago. He says that Jehovah brought him to that place. Shahana says if you cry, then I will not lose courage, she cries.

Dadi says Prachi is upset, but we don’t lose our courage. He says we will give him peace and says we will not talk to him about Shahrukh or Akshay. They say that we will be their strength. Shahana asks her not to cry. Dadi says no one will do it now. Dadi says I pray to God to give Prachi what gives her peace.

Glad I want to sit here and scold you for crying, but I will not punish. He says if someone cries like this, and asks did someone scold or hurt you. He says everyone makes mistakes and asks the person to forgive. Prachi is bread. Complains about what has hurt you or is feeling pain. Prachi says no, but she is feeling pain.

Complains that Juhi does something for her mother and later likes it. She kisses Prachi on forehead, asks did you like it, did your pain subside. Prachi says she left and thinks only she can take away his pain and says she is like a part of him, his happiness. She thinks if I get happiness then I don’t want Ranbir. What are you thinking of complaining?

Prachi didn’t say anything. Khushi is happy and says I am made tomorrow as my money is taken. Prachi says I want to get it and says she has money.

They take it. Snapshot the car stops on the road and thinks he thinks he really hates her, but he doesn’t hate her. He says that when Akshay proposed to her, I could not bear it. He says I can run away from everyone, but run away from Prachi. He says how to reduce this pain, meet someone who gives me peace. He will be happy to hear that he is asking the ice cream vendors to bring ice cream for his daughter. Snapchat goes to the ice cream man and messages him to deliver ice cream for happiness.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update New

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