June 4, 2023

Katha Anki disagrees with Viaan Katha Written Update 2023: In this article, you will get to see new updates about Katha Anki Viaan Disagree with Katha Written Update 2023. The written updates will be seen through the website, so now moving forward, let’s give today’s update Katha Anki Viaan disagrees with Katha Written Update 2023. ,

katha anki viyan disagrees with katha written update 2023

Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Aankhen is the new show of Sony TV. The show is about Katha, a widow and a single mother working various jobs to earn money for the treatment of her son Aarav, who has been diagnosed with blood cancer, and Viaan, a business man who thinks that women spend their money. are with men for. Now that Katha has rejected Viaan, it will be interesting to see what is going to happen in the coming episodes.

The current track shows that Teji’s advice leaves Katha angry. Katha makes it clear to Teji that she is not interested in Viaan. She then leaves with Kailash. Kailash finds it difficult to speak his mind. He shares his concern for her. Katha and Kailash make a promise to each other. Later, Katha gets upset remembering Viaan’s confession and Teji’s conversation with him.

Meanwhile Teji tells Viaan about her conversation with Katha which shocks Viaan. The latter receives a call from Katha asking him to meet her, to which Viaan obliges. Viaan meets legend. Katha firmly rejects his proposal and advises him to move on saying that it is for the good of all. Viaan gets hurt.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Viaan will meet Aarav. Aarav learns about Viaan’s feelings towards the women who rejected him. He will suggest to Viaan that he should take her to the latter’s love and he will talk to her. Viaan will smile seeing Aarav and will ask what will he say to the one he loves.

Later, Aarav will tell Katha that Robin (Viaan) has fallen in love with a woman who is a single mother. He rejected Robin which hurt Robin. The narrative will look confused. Viaan will meet Katha in the office and tell her that he had advised her to move on, but he could not do so, which will shock Katha.

What will happen next? Will Katha find out about Aarav and Viaan’s friendship? Will Viaan be able to convince Katha to accept her feelings? Stay tuned for more details which will be updated tomorrow.

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