June 4, 2023

It has not been a few days since Moto Vlogger Agastya Chauhan left this world that now the news of JK06 rider accident and death of JK06 rider is coming out. Earlier, due to the horrific accident that happened in the bike accident of Pro Rider, many of those fans were saddened. But now news is coming about the death of JK06 rider, due to which the accident of the bike is being told. So today we will tell you JK06 Rider Accident News and JK06 Rider Death News with full details.

JK06 rider death news
JK06 rider death news

Who is the JK06 rider

JK06 rider is not the name of any band but it is the name of youtube channel and the owner of this youtube channel is Shubham. Shubham was known as a Moto Vlogger who used to upload videos on Moto Vlogging on your YouTube channel JK06 Rider. People knew him less by the name of Shubham while mostly by the name of JK06 rider and still know him today.

JK06 Rider has crossed 1 lakh 86 thousand subscribers and has uploaded more than 269 videos on Moto Vlogging on his JK06 Rider YouTube channel. The JK06 rider, made in the year 2016, was stuck well at some point in time that Shubham died in a bike accident. For this reason watch the news of JK06 rider death on youtube on twitter.

JK06 rider accident news

First of all talk about the news of JK06 rider accident, JK06 rider i.e. Shubham had a bike accident on 15th May on the road in Jammu and Kashmir. On May 15, he and some friends went out together for a ride. The vehicle coming from the front collided with it, resulting in the death of the heathen people. Shubham’s bike was not running with a very high speed and his friends were saying so. Then the question arises as to how his real death happened. If the speed of the bike was not fast.

So for information let me tell you that Shubham was riding a bike without a helmet. Due to riding a bike without a helmet, when Shubham’s bike collided with the vehicle coming from the front, after which Shubham fell down. Shubham’s head fell down on the ground, due to which he died on the spot and it is being told that. Shubham’s body had lost a lot of blood due to this accident. These friends had given this information through social media that the vehicle coming from the front had hit Shubham’s bike, while there was no fault of Shubham in it.

The matter is now being investigated by the police whether it was really the Bolino car coming from the front that hit Shubham’s bike or Shubham’s own fault that his car collided with the same bike. All these things were done by Shubham’s friends only. However, the police have not confirmed whether the last mistake was of Shubham or the driver of the car coming from the front.

JK06 rider death news

As you know that the cause of death of Shubham, owner of JK06 Rider YouTube channel, was a collision with an oncoming vehicle. The speed of the bike must have been high due to which he died. Not that fast because his friends were telling him so. The main cause of death was that Shubham’s head hit the road, due to which he died due to deep injuries.

Had it looked like a toilet, it would have avoided a deep head injury and that was its biggest mistake. Now this is the reason then his friends will tell you why Shubham was riding bike without bike i.e. doing moto vlogging. However, the police will take this matter seriously and confiscate the camera on Shubham’s bike every morning, if it is fitted. However, the video of this accident has been recorded on the camera of another friend coming behind Shubham and you will get to see the same on YouTube.

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Whatever latest update and photo comes regarding this bike accident of Shubham, we will keep updating it in the same topic.

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