California has always understood the value of small enterprises. With over 4.1 million small enterprises and over 7.2 million small company workers, California is home to a lively and growing small sector.

Whether you’re interested in starting a self-employed small business, or a corporation that actively hires, now could just be the best moment to explore registering your business. With a range of perks, you may be tantalized by the notion of joining an LLC. There are numerous procedures to complete before you may be properly registered, but there are tools available to assist guide you through the process.

Once you have performed the initial few steps, you may be wondering: how can I verify whether my LLC is officially registered in California?

Is your LLC Properly Registered in California?

The Really Useful Information Company, or TRUiC, is a portal where you can get a huge range of information on how to incorporate an LLC, as well as particular state rules. They are the top advised website where you can learn more about LLCs and company creation. They have offered a list of straightforward actions to take to guarantee that your LLC gets registered:

Have you Followed the Naming Guidelines?

To be registered as an LLC in California, you need to pick a name that fits a set of requirements. First of all, your selected name ought to incorporate the term, “Limited Liability Company.”

This may be shortened to LLC or any other relevant abbreviation. In addition to this, your name cannot contain terms that identify your firm with a government agency. Similarly, there are prohibited phrases that demand extra documentation and a qualified expert to take part in your LLC.

Importantly, you need to confirm that your business name is not used by another organization. You may accomplish this by searching by company name on the State of California Website. In combination to this, you must make sure that your company name is accessible as a web domain.

Failing to comply with the name criteria, might result in an unregistered LLC in California.

Have you Chosen a Registered Agent?

In California, you are needed to choose a Registered Agent for your LLC. A registered agent is a person or corporate organization, that is in charge of maintaining and receiving documents that relate to tax, litigation, and government.

To be a Registered Agent, you need to be a citizen of California, and able to work. Any person inside a corporation might be appointed as the Registered Agent.

Have you Filed your LLC Articles of Organization?

You are necessary to fill up and submit Form LLC-1 – Articles of Organization in order to register as an LLC. Without this, you will not have formally registered your firm as an LLC.

Have you Filed your Initial Statement of Information?

For your LLC to be legally registered, it is important that you have filled up and submitted form LLC-12, an initial statement of information, with the California Secretary of State.

Have you Created an LLC Operating Agreement in California?

It is required for all company entities wanting to create an LLC, to execute an LLC Operating Agreement inside California. An Operating Agreement is an outline that describes the ownership distribution, and business structure of the proposed LLC.

Have you Received a California LLC EIN?

Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a number that is granted to an LLC for tax reasons. This is another essential step in ensuring that your LLC is correctly registered in California.

Search for Peace of Mind

After you have finished and met the aforementioned requirements, there is one further step that you may do to acquire piece of mind about the registration of your LLC.

If you would want to, you may enter the California Secretary of State website, and search for your LLC. If it appears up, your LLC is registered. Here you will be able to access all your LLC paperwork and information on registration.


With the development of the small company, you may wish to begin the process of creating your own LLC. Whilst the steps to get there might seem onerous, there are numerous resources and services that can support you along the journey.

TRUiC is one of the major platforms delivering this service right now. You only have to verify that your LLC is correctly registered, by following the requirements that TRUiC has created in such an easy-to-follow and consistent method.

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