February 9, 2023

How to access and use Google Lens on Desktop in Hindi: google lens A great tool that can be used to store information on a picture, translate it, and even scan QR codes. google lens also of Use This can also be done using your smartphone’s camera.

you use it only Article Instead of a description with a picture can do. but google lens Android and iOS Like has become available on desktop. Opening the Google Lens website doesn’t help either. but i have on desktop google lens There are a few tricks to accessing and using it.

what is google lens in hindi 2023

google lens Kind of like a visual search engine. Instead of using someone for something less, you can use a camera or photo to detail anything in frank. You can use it to extract text, translate the galaxy in real life, buy something, etc. on the desktop, it’s some popular Google services co-existed in a microcosm. Although it is not a mobile-like feature, it can still be used to extract something and more similar images, etc.

How to access and use Google Lens on desktop and mobile Access and use Google Lens on desktop

You can access Google Lens in several ways.

1. Google Images

google lens google image The page includes an accompanying and provides options for anything with an image. Can describe a select part of the image, show more similar affiliates, provide links to purchase items from the image, etc. However, it cannot exhaust the lessons from research or translate them.

1. Draw anything on Google and open the image

How to access and use Google Lens on desktop

2. In the Image tab, select any image that you want to scan using Google Lens

3. Now image Click on the Google Lens icon in the lower left corner.

4. Will scan this image with google lens and other functions which will come back with match advantage as lens.

5. You can also adjust the borders in the image for some specific details in the image.

6. Google Lens automatically scores points on certain icons that you can select and find similar visual matches. Instead you can just click on the dot to get those facts to adjust the range as ceiling.

Other than showing matches by appearance, Google Lens is very limited on Google Docs.

2. Google Chrome

As of one month into 2023 as this article is written Google Lens is not enabled as the default on Chrome Network. You need to enable a flag that will enable the feature on Chrome. Google Lens inside Chrome allows you to search for visual matches and also allows you to copy and translate text in the image. Once enabled, you can use any image on any webpage for pages.

1. chrome://flags symptoms and enable-lens-standalone alternative.

search flags on chrome browser

2. Now click on the drop-down next to that option and in the blind active Choose Option.

Enable Google Lens on Chrome Browser

3. Click on the Relaunch option. This will close and then reopen the Chrome browser.

Remember: If you don’t have a parameter working, pause it before clicking the Relaunch option.

Relaunching Chrome Browser With Google Chrome Flags

4. Now right click on any image on any website. For reference, the image will be included with the Google option. This works on most websites such as Google, Google Photos, blogs, etc. but rather highly secure ones such as bank web pages that handle right-click, save, etc.

search image with google option on chrome browser pc

5. This will open a Buy sidebar with the information and visual matches you need.

google lens on chrome browser on pc

6. The Text option in the Google Lens sidebar lets you copy the text in the image, listen to the text in audio format, search for its meaning, and more.

Selecting text option on Google Lens on Chrome browser

7. You can also select the translation option. All this will translate the text of the image into the selected language. You can change the language above the image.

Translate option on Google Lens on Chrome browser

8. In addition to the image itself, you can right-click anywhere on the web page and then click the Picture from Google option.

Search image with google option on chrome browser

9. With your mouse or trackpad, press and hold the area you want to scan with Google Lens.

Select the area with google lens on chrome browser

10.Once you make a selection, it opens Google Lens and will search for objects in the image or areas you’ve targeted.

google lens on chrome browser

3. Google Photos

Google Lens is tricked into the Google Photos app, but it’s fairly limited as it can only extract text from an exposure. Also, you cannot start the process yourself. If Google finds any text in an image, it will draw a small pop-up picture over the image. Sometimes, it ignores when the text is small or there is not enough text in the image.

1. Google photo description and then describe the image that contains some text you want to copy.

2. Google Photos will automatically suggest text from image options. Click on it.

Copy text from image option on Google Photos

3.On the next page, click on the text button to copy the whole thing.

Copy text from images on Google Lens

4. You can also select the portion of the text you want to copy, and then click Copy Text.

Copy part of text from image on Google Lens

Now you can use Chrome’s Google Lens feature on Google Photos too. Right-click on the top of any image on Google Photos and select the Search Image with Google option. This will find and image similar work.

search image from google

Using Google Lens on Desktop

Although there’s no dedicated Google Lens app for desktop, you can access the service in a number of ways. With just one flag enabled, it becomes a native feature of Google Chrome. Somehow, it doesn’t offer the same convenience as Google Lens’ mobile apps for Android and iOS. On Android iOS, you can scan QR codes, scan any text on any surface, send it to the desktop, and more.

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