March 31, 2023

Everyone knows (History of Computer and Importance of Computer in detail in 2023) how important computer is for our human life and it is playing a very important role in our life which provides facility to do all our work. Due to increasing technology it has become very easy for us to learn computer and we also learn computer, but we do not even know the history of computer. And so I am going to tell you about the history of computer and some important information about it, but before knowing the history of computer we know a little about computer.

History of computer and importance of computer

Computer is an electronic machine derived from the word “compute” which means to calculate. The computer calculates the tasks given by the human beings and gives the appropriate results.

Today’s era is the age of science and in this era new discoveries are being made every day. Out of which the machine that affects humans the most is the computer. Computer has become a necessity of man in every respect. In view of this need, the computer can be called today’s era. Nowadays computers are used in almost every field from education to entertainment and from transportation to health.

Who discovered the computer and the father of the computer?

history of computer
Charles Bawes

Charles Bawes invented the computer

Invention of computer in detail and history of computer

The computer was invented by Charles Bawes, Through which the initial phase of the computer started in the 18th century itself. It started when the world was completely ignorant of technology. Man used to understand what he saw with his own eyes.

Charles Babbage was a mathematician who claimed to have built a computer on June 14, 1822, capable of computing only numbers, but some scholars differ on the creation of the device. Charles Babbage was an English polymath. He was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer, best known for coining the concept of computer programs.

Most of those scholars believe that the world’s first computing machine is the abacus and was designed by Charles Bawes. In those days, the work which used to take more time to do by hand, people used to do it in minutes using this device. That is why today’s era is called the age of computers.

Invention of computer in detail (History of computer)

The abacus was the world’s first mechanical calculating device, manufactured in China about 500-1000 years ago. It was only capable of performing mathematical calculations. This counting machine was made by threading beads into wood with horizontal strings made by hand. There were 100 beads in this instrument, for which the position of the beads was changed to count.

The computer was started with an abacus, but it was incomplete due to an error in it, which was unable to perform all kinds of calculations. But to overcome all these shortcomings, French scientist Blaise Pascal made the world’s first mechanical calculating machine named Pascaline in 1642.

Blaise Pascal was a world famous mathematician who built the world’s second numerical computing machine. It had eight rotating wheel-like boxes called dials. These dials were used to perform simple numerical calculations.

In the age of computer technology, a name became associated with maze computation. It was also a digital counting machine. This calculator was designed in 1673 under Gottfried Leibniz, a mathematician, but was completed in 1994. The device was also capable of performing mathematical calculations.

Charles Bawes once again made his breakthrough, making history by inventing the difference engine in 1822. This machine was an automatic counting machine operated by hand. This was the period when the world was completely ignorant of technology. history of computer

The world’s famous mathematician Charles Bawej laid the foundation for the world’s first mechanical digital computer by inventing the Analytical Engine in 1837. Seeing this success in the computer journey of Charles Bawes, he came to be called the father of the computer. This computer was powered by a steam engine. Punchcards and platters were used to store and output data in this computer.

Charles Bawez had already laid the foundation for the computer, which largely depended on the human mind. During the invention of Charles Bawes, some changes started coming in people and the power to understand technology was also increasing. But no one knew that another machine like computer would also be made.

To overcome this shortcoming, Konrad Juice built a programming computer circa 1936-1938, This was the period when people were completely ignorant of computers, but some scientists of the world were engaged in computer revolution.

Comment:- German scientist Konrad Juss invented the world’s first programming computer. Charles Bawez’s computer was somewhat dependent on the human brain, but Kornad’s computer was programmed. Konrad named this computer “Z1”.

Digital Computers (History of Computers)

After the invention of Konrad juice, European countries gave birth to a new revolution. This was the period when over time people started becoming aware of computers and the utility of people also started increasing. Because the work that thousands of people used to do simultaneously, the computer used to do that work in minutes. With the passage of time many inventions took place in the world.

what is the history of computer

J.Pressper Eckert created a digital computer that was completely digital. After Konrad people did not know that there would be more inventions in the world. But J. Presspar Eckert built the world’s first digital computer that was completely electronic. However, this computer was discovered by Eckert in 1946 under his professor John Mockley. Both named this computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer).

After the invention of digital computer, the need of people started increasing day by day. But the difficulty in making it was that which company should be given the formula to make this computer. J. After Pressper Eckert and John Mokley decided to form their own company, which they named ECC (Electronic Discrete Control Company).

history of computer

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