June 4, 2023

how to talk to google That is, if you want to talk to Google, then there are two ways out of which one method is such that it will help you well. While the other way is to help in a good way, not in your full way. By the way, we will discuss both the methods in detail in this article, as well as try to explain them well.

If you do not know, then today for information, let us tell you that in today’s time, youths are talking to Google and getting their work done. In earlier times, devices such as smartphones used to do these things on their own even if they had to open or search anything on the way. Due to the advent of new technology, now users are getting their work done by talking to Google, not themselves.

For example, to play a video in YouTube, you ask Google to play your video, if you tell Google to search for an application, it will open your application. In today’s time, such work is done by the youth by speaking to Google. Do you know that in devices like smartphones or brakes, Google has the same name Gface, with the help of which you can talk to Google.

We hope that the people coming to this article inside this blog will definitely be able to learn something how to talk to google , In today’s time, due to technology, lifestyle, today’s boys also use the device in different ways, and one of them also does it by speaking, such as talking to Google by speaking. so let’s know how to talk to google Easy steps after Dada.

how to talk to google
how to talk to google

how to talk to google

how to talk to googleThere are two ways, the first way is by speaking and the second way is by typing. We are going to explain both these methods in detail below. Here are the step-by-step steps you’ll take to talk to Google:

  • To talk to Google, you will first install an application called Assistant in your device which is available on both Playstore or App Store.
  • After installing the application appearing from the Google company, you can open it.
  • As you are responsible for Photoshop, you will see different languages ​​in front of you, which you will change first.
google assistant
  • We will first change the language and for this you will click on the small round icon from the top side of the smartphone through the picture.
google assistant
  • After clicking on the small round icon, now click on the new language feature to change the language as per the picture.
google assistant
  • Now you can keep the language you want as per the picture, whereas we have selected Hindi language.
google assistant
  • Now you have locked your language in Hindi and now you will know exactly.
  • After the language change is done, you will now open the plain view.

what to do next

  • After knowing about everything now you will work next to the smartphone from which you want to google.
  • For example, if we say to the Google person that “open YouTube”, then after that the Google person will open YouTube from you.
  • If I want to do any work through any medium, then any dropped shell can talk to Google by clicking on the button on the right side at the bottom and get it done.
  • To talk to Google again, you can talk to Google again by clicking on the mic button at the bottom of the smartphone.

i want to talk to google

Do you want to talk to Google? Because Google Assistant is the only help taken to interact with Google Assistant and the same application is interacting with you. With the help of Ghazal, how can you open conversation with Ghazal to people, for this we have detailed all the steps above which you can read. There is not one but several questions that you might be mistakenly asking that will answer your questions such as:

how to talk to google

For this, you cooperate with the cooperation partner Google GAMES. If you talk to Google to understand better, then you can come inside this article and read the same topic comfortably.

want to talk to google

The user will set up their device to talk to the Google Assistant. Because using this, users can talk to Google by speaking.

google talking app

Assistant . There is a Gs application made by the Gsglish company named Assistant which is available on both Playstore and App Store.

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