March 30, 2023

Smartphone and VAT users ask the Internet these questions google what can you do (google what you can do). He has got the answer to this question with many troubles. For information, you can find some tools on the Internet for estimation, with the help of which your question “what can you do” can be answered comfortably. Seeing the question, it is now up to you to decide which tool is the best that can answer your question.

If this is your first time hearing this “what can you do” question, the first thing you should know is why real people search the internet. For information you guess these queries “what can you do” users search and speak in the device. Like Google Assistant is installed in the device which is an application and it works in preference. User just after clicking on a button like “What can you doWhen they speak, their questions get answered.

google what can you do

For information, let us tell you that this “Google what can you do” question when only goes after using Google’s username application. If google name is linked in your smartphone then you can open it and ask your question.

Google can do many things when you speak, such as opening an account, opening YouTube, playing a video on YouTube, searching Google, opening an application on the smartphone, playing a song without touching it, etc. Apart from this, there are many things that google can do. As we told you that google does this work, then only google is the application of its name. This work can be done only if this Google associated name image is in your device.

google what can you do
google what can you do

So overall your smartphone can do everything that you are looking for in the device. All this is possible only to make mistakes. In today’s time the use of GGFC is also increasing day by day and also the team of geeks company are working to make this GGFC work even better.

Google What Can You Do – How to Apply These Questions to Google

To know what you can do, you should follow the steps given below which are as follows:

  • You see whether the application named Google Assistant is installed in your smartphone or tablet. If not, then install it.
  • After this, now you will open the application named Logging Google Assistant to get the answer to your question.
  • You can now wait up to 5 seconds after opening the Google Assistant application.
  • In the beginning of the language there will be someone else whom we will keep Hindi first.
google assistant
  • To keep the language in Hindi, click on the small round icon at the top.
google assistant
  • Now looking at the picture click on the application named language.
google assistant
  • As soon as a new page opens, see the image and click on this advertisement, select the Hindi language.
google assistant
  • After doing this you will end it and again open the Google Assistant application application and immediately speak further with your smartphone.
google what can you do
google what can you do
  • Google will answer your question immediately after you say the question “What can you do”. After you speak google keeps many options in front of you like what you want to open because whatever google can do it has shown through picture which we have shown above.

google can you speak in hindi

This question will be answered by the viewer, from the Google Assistant itself because such an answer can name people, not just accounts named Google. By the way, the option to select opt ​​in the device English language shows that we can talk to Google in Hindi language. So googles don’t connect with each other so that we can talk in hindi and use it. Like getting the work done by speaking or typing in Hindi and its use is the same as we have told above through the picture.

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