June 4, 2023

Mastermind in the case of murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Mausewala News of Goldie Brar’s arrest The news is coming out. According to the sources, it is going to be known that Goldie Brad has been arrested. Anyway, you people are taking this much knowingly, Goldie Brand is currently not in India, nor has she been caught by any security seal or police of India. Rather, he has been arrested with the help of government’s security documents to help this country. Then come friends know with more detail News of Goldie Brar’s arrest Precisely accurate in short about the news.

News of Goldie Brar’s arrest

As you know that Sidhu Musewala’s murder was involved by Goldie Broad with the help of his accomplices and all the accomplices have been caught. But the mastermind of this massacre was Goldie Brad who was earlier in Canada. As soon as India was informed about the security documents of Canada so that it could be caught. Goldie Bradd learned of this, which led to Goldie Bradd’s escape to Philliefe.

News of Goldie Brar's arrest
News of Goldie Brar’s arrest

For some time Goldie Brad remained in the filer whose address was given according to the sources. Right now according to the source it has been told that it is going to happen that Goldie Brad has been arrested from Filef. However, now the government there has also started preparations to send Goldie Brad to India soon and it is also a matter of happiness that the government there has arrested Goldie Brad in a short time.

Talk about how long Goldie brad is going to be brought to India, so friends, no information has been given about it yet. Because its secret was kept so that Goldie Brad’s partner could not make any plan for Goldie Brad’s arrival. It would be from my senses that Goldie Brad would be secretly brought to India and informed about Goldie Brad’s coming to India only after taking her to a safe place so that there is no violence in the country. as soon as we News of Goldie Brar’s arrest If we get any information regarding this, we will update inside this web site, whose notification will reach your device.

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