June 3, 2023

In today’s episode of Faltu 8th April 2023 written episode update: Faltu and Ayan will tell about Charan’s help in Hindi, now you will get to see this update in Hindi.

Faltu 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Charan and family working hard and making arrangements. Tanu thinks Faltu is not here, my plan will fail. He asks Charan to take help from Faltu. He says accept Faltu and Ayaan’s relationship, his help is needed. Children come and mourners run away. Everyone tries to stop them. Appears as an extravagant clown and sings Chanda Chakma….

She entertains the kids and dances with them. Ayan also joins them. Lajjo says Faltu has taken good care of the kids. Tanu smiles and thinks Faltu has joined the camp. Faltu says we will do the task, don’t fight and no one should get hurt. The girl expects him to cast a spell on the children. The kids unnecessarily ask his name and tease him.

Natasha says he is big, we should not disturb him. Savi says you are good, you make us enjoy next two days also. Faltu says whatever the name is, we should do big things, I will become a big cricketer. Children say what we all will become. Natasha says I am already a superstar, everyone knows me, I have done many TV shows.

Faltu says now we will have food. Children are her bushes. He is cooking food for the children. Charan scolds. Kids love food. Faltu says I have made Rajasthani food for them. Tanu says I will not come back home unnecessarily with Ayaan. Faltu and Ayaan make an earthen pot. They look at each other and remain silent. Tanu is

Ayaan reads to the children. Tanu overhears Faltu and Finala talking about the bank loan. The last thing says that sensitive are very sensitive. Ayaan looks on. Tanu burns the rope and smiles. Faltu and Ayaan come with the kids. It’s useless, I run with a rope and show the audience.

Ayan says it is risky. He says I got a chance to show my talent. He says you might get hurt, don’t do this. He says nothing will happen, trust me. Tanu says if she wants then let her do it, she believes him. Wasteful and overbearing. He steps forward on the rope. The rope is burning.

Tanu smiled. Ayaan sees that the rope is on fire. Waste falls. Ayan holds her. Tanu gets angry. Charan scolds Phatal. He says someone burnt it, someone wants this camp not to go well. Tanu says your police complaint can be registered, but they can close this camp. Ayan says no, we can’t involve police, I want to find out who is trying to hurt Faltal, Tanu you came here for business and didn’t go to mart.

Tanu says you are doubting me. He says I was just asking. Says unnecessarily, don’t worry. The girl shouts on the stage and asks where is the music band, the kid is getting bored. Say Charan Sorry, we cannot arrange this. The man says we will deduct the money. Faltu says we will play music in loud voice. Charan says we don’t need your help. Tanu appears and says no one told me about TTE traditional topic. Faltu says sorry, music band is not coming.

Children say that they are getting bored. We will enjoy the extra sauce. Aditya Narayan comes and sings Thoko Salaam… Everyone claps. Ayan welcomes her and thanks her for coming. Aditya says I got a big surprise with me. Udit Narayan comes and sings Aye mere humsafar… Faltu smileta hai.

Faltu 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Now it will be updated tomorrow, you are showing this website (pagalnews.com) for further information. Let me tell you that it used to take some time to read in English language, now you will get to read in your language.

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