Experts in the United States say these  Eyeliners are smudge-proof and long-lasting

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Smudged eyeliner is different from unintentional smudging that results in raccoon-ringed eyes. There’s an important distinction between the two.

Consider stocking up on some smudge-proof eyeliners if you’ve had to deal with the latter beauty blender too many times. These budget-friendly, professional-approved alternatives won’t only keep you from constantly running to the mirror to correct your makeup, but they’ll also keep you looking your best at all times.

According to makeup artists, these are the best eyeliners that won’t smudge.

Define Waterline with Pixi by Petra

At Target, you can get Waterline for $14.00.
$14.00 for Pixi Beauty Define Waterline

Have you ever wondered why your eyeliner always comes undone by the middle of the day? Your skin oils may be the source of the problem. Robert Bryan, a celebrity makeup artist, recommended using an eye shadow primer on the eyelids before applying smudge-proof eyeliners.

This retractable waterproof liner is adored by the cosmetic artist because it is paraben-free and safe to use on the waterline. Because of the low price, we’re intrigued, too!

The Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by Kat Von D Beauty.

$23.00 at Sephora for the Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner!

At Ulta, Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner costs $23.00.

Kohl’s is selling Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for $23.

What is the secret to avoiding smudging? A formula that is waterproof. “I believe that every eyeliner should be waterproof, but not all of them are the same quality. To find the ideal one, you may have to experiment with a few different options “A member of YouTube duo The Glam Twinz, Kelsey Murrell, informed us.

Using a liquid liner like this vegan one is recommended by the makeup artist if you’re seeking for a precise application and a dramatic appearance. According to her, “the fine tip of liquid liners is the best,” she remarked.

It is a waterproof cream colour from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ulta’s Waterproof Crème Color costs $18.00.

$ 18 at Ulta for Waterproof Crème Color

QVC has a Waterproof Crème Color for $18.00.

A good smudge-free eyeliner needs to have a few additional important qualities. “For eyeliners, I opt for ones that are both silky and richly pigmented. By doing this, I can use the least amount of product while still getting the best results in terms of colour payoff “Revealed by him

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ waterproof cream liner has Bryan’s seal of approval and is a breeze to apply. It dries swiftly and has a long-lasting matte finish that will keep up with you throughout the day..

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay

At Ulta, the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil costs $22.00.

$ 22.50 at Sephora 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Nordstrom has the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil for $18.70.

Looking for an eyeliner that won’t budge in a bright shade? This eye pencil’s name says it all. Cara Lovello, a well-known celebrity makeup artist, says, “It’s made to remain put all day.”

Urban Decay’s award-winning eyeliner is available in 38 shades and features a smooth, waterproof consistency that makes application a snap. It is also devoid of parabens and animal testing.

Eye Kohl Eyeliners by MAC

At MAC Cosmetics, the Eye Kohl Eyeliner costs $19.00.

At Nordstrom, the Eye Kohl Eyeliner costs $16.15.

At Ulta, the Eye Kohl Eyeliner costs $19.00.

Look for kohl pencils with smudge-proof properties that can assist define the inner rim of your eyelids. MAC’s soft eyeliner pencil, available in nine shades and offering rich colour and a smooth finish, is a favourite of the makeup pro.

“These water-resistant compositions are developed for the waterline and won’t irritate the delicate eye area. When applied on the lid, they can be used as a base for a smokey eye “He went on to say more about it.

Sigma Beauty Gel Liner for the Eyes

NEIMAN MARCUS has a gel eyeliner for $20.00

Sigma Beauty charges $20.00 for gel eyeliner.

This smudge-proof liner is highly recommended by Birdy Lashes founder Yasmin Maya for those who enjoy experimenting with their eye makeup looks. In addition to the fact that it comes in a pot, “the gel formula allows for a silky smooth application without any skips,” she noted, “you may use whichever brush you choose”.

The eight-hour long-wearing formula won’t budge all day long. It’s also free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, and phthalates in its formulation.

A gel eyeliner from Inglot Cosmetics.

For $18.40 at, you can buy AMC Eyeliner Gel

At INGLOT, the AMC Eyeliner Gel costs $21.00.

There are a few strategies to keep your eyeliner from blurring if you want it to last longer. Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman was kind enough to share with us one of her most well guarded tricks. A powder eye shadow in the same shade as your eyeliner might help keep it in place, she said.

Inglot’s highly pigmented, water-resistant liner gel, which has a creamy, quick-drying texture, is a favourite of the beauty expert. It’s like the Energizer Bunny in that it never stops working. Eyeliner that Holds Its Shape Amazon charges $6.97 for this item.
Eyeliner that Holds Its Shape Target has this item for $8.89
Eyeliner that Holds Its Shape $7.29% off at Ulta Beauty
When it comes to smudge-proof eyeliner, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Is this an example? One of Hurkman’s preferred solutions is available for less than $7. “This liner is wonderful for an all-day/all-night smoky eye,” she added of the product.

Milani’s low-cost option is available in black, brown, and plum and can keep you looking sharp for up to 16 hours. It’s a good value for the money!

Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner by Haus Laboratories of Lady Gaga

Stay-Put Eyeliner by Milani

Eye-Lie-Ner costs $10.00 on

Haus Labs sells Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner for $10.00 (as of this writing).

We can all agree that Lady Gaga’s eyeliner looks great on Angelica Torres, the creator of TikTok, and she’s not alone. Fans of the artist, known as “Little Monsters,” have given the book over 8,400 five-star reviews on Amazon, making it a bestseller.

As she put it to us, “I love how the eyeliner tip glides so beautifully and easily on the eye.” She told us, “The brown shade is really subtle yet adorable.”

Huda Beauty Life Liner Liquid & Pencil Double-Ended Eyeliner

$20.00 at Sephora for Life Liner’s Liquid & Pencil Eyeliner.

What is Torres’ favourite piece of advice? Checking the wear time of eyeliners by swiping them on your hand. Apply a small amount of colour, wait a few seconds, and then massage it in to watch what happens. Huda Beauty’s waterproof, smudge-proof, double-ended liner is presently the Torres’ favourite beauty product.

You don’t have to carry as much makeup when you’re on the go because it comes with both a liquid and a pencil side, she explained.

This eyeliner by Araceli Beauty is called Ojos Perfecto.

Amazon has Ojos Perfecto Eyeliner for $16.

Araceli Beauty has Ojos Perfecto Eyeliner for $16.00.

Is there a lot of pigment here? Check. A matte, water-repellent surface? Yep! Because this liner comes in 11 hues and has a precise tip, Maya can’t stop raving about it.

“My favourite thing about this eyeliner is that it is made to last all day on your waterline,” the cosmetic professional said. In contrast to other eye liners, this formula was designed to be smudge-proof, which means it won’t smear on your lower eyelids during the day.


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