Does Walmart Own Home Depot?

Walmart shops are enormous shopping centers that offer everything from frozen peas to cans of paint.

Home Depot boasts a lot of parallels with Walmart — worldwide situated, enormous warehouse-style locations, and a seemingly unlimited assortment of merchandise.

But, does Walmart own Home Depot?

You’re not alone in asking. I’ve got the solution you want!

Does Walmart Own Home Depot In 2022?

Walmart does not own Home Depot or any of its subsidiaries as of 2022. Rather, Home Depot is managed by its upper-level management, with significant decisions coming from the board, who represent the company’s stockholders. Additionally, Walmart has never owned any ownership in Home Depot.

To discover more about who owns and manages Home Depot, how one can be wrong in assuming Walmart owns Home Depot because, and more, keep reading!

Who Owns Home Depot?

The Home Depot is not owned by one individual or family but rather is managed by one CEO, who is answerable to the company’s board and shareholders.

The Home Depot was created in the 1970s by a group of four men, one of them, Bernard Marcus, had just been dismissed from a home improvement company.

After barely two years of operating, Home Depot went public on the NASDAQ.

Marcus carried on with the firm over the decades, leaving from the board of Home Depot in 2002.

Like many major organizations, Home Depot’s overall operations are run by the CEO and other upper-level executives, who take decisions from the company’s board.

The board seeks to serve the interests of the shareholders, five of whom possess over 25 percent of the shares combined.

Finally, Home Depot itself is the parent business of six lesser entities:

  • Compact Power Equipment Inc.
  • The Company Store
  • Interline Brands Inc.
  • Redbeacon
  • HD Supply

How Are Walmart And Home Depot Similar?

You wouldn’t be incorrect in believing that Walmart owns Home Depot or that the two have some link.

While Walmart does not control Home Depot, and the two are not related in any way, they do have some startling surface-level parallels.

For example, they both retain a worldwide presence.

Walmart has locations in dozens of countries, whereas Home Depot is situated in Canada and Mexico, as well as the U.S.

Both run thousands of stores, while Walmart surpasses Home Depot in the employee-count category, with roughly 2.2 million vs Home Depot’s half a million-plus.

Both run massive, big-box, warehouse-style shops; Walmart’s Supercenters average roughly 180,000 square feet, while Home Depot’s peak out at 105,000.

And lastly, both stores are the biggest in their sector.

Walmart is, in reality, the biggest retailer in the world now, coupled with the largest discount store.

Home Depot eclipsed the older Lowe’s corporation in 1989 to become the biggest home improvement store in the U.S.

Do Walmart And Home Depot Compete?

Walmart and Home Depot do not compete directly, since Walmart is not in the home improvement specialty, and Home Depot is not in the bargain products sector.

However, they do have certain overlapping items.

Both businesses provide carpets, lights and window coverings, for example.

And sells a selection of spray paints, as well as interior and exterior paints.

Would Home Depot Sell Out To Walmart?

In my view, no matter how much money Walmart threw at Home Depot, the latter would never consent to a buy-out.

Home Depot has positioned itself as the fifth biggest retailer in the U.S., following behind only Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Apple.

That’s not home improvement shop – that’s a retailer in general!

Additionally, Home Depot is in a situation of economic dominance right now, and although sales have dropped slightly subsequently, the home improvement company has no need of Walmart or their huge resources.

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Walmart does not own Home Depot, and it never has.

While the two retailers share much in common on the surface, they remain separate entities, each owned by their own group of shareholders.

Walmart and Home Depot don’t find a lot of overlap, either, in customers, making it simple for them both to stay at the top of the list in their respective retail regions.

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