May 30, 2023

on the very first day of the new year delhi kanjhawala girl accident news Is coming out, in which a case of brutality against a girl is being heard in Delhi. This matter has gone so far that people on the Internet delhi kanjhawala girl accident news Were searching and tell about this that we are in this blog. delhi kanjhawala girl accident news The case was that the girl had gone out of work in Delhi around 6 pm.

After this, around 9 o’clock in the night, a girl going on a scooty collides with a Baleno car in Delhi’s Kanjhala area. It was not the girl who hit her but the youths in the car who hit her. Due to this collision, the girl was trapped under the side of the car due to which she could not get out. But the concrete not only stopped the car but the car kept running for a few kilometers due to which the girl kept on dragging.

The girl was dragged for 10 kms. The girl dies after being dragged several kilometres. This death was very painful and this incident happened during the night. For your information, this accident had severed the neck of the girl who was hanging from the car. So now you can guess from this how the youths in the car tortured and killed the girl.

delhi kanjhawala girl accident news
delhi kanjhawala girl accident news

The most surprising thing is that the place where this accident happened and was happening, no camera was installed in that place. CCTV camera was not found around that place to know how this incident happened. But still the police have definitely taken a picture of a CCTV camera which has been taken from the CCTV camera installed at some other place. let’s know friends delhi kanjhawala girl accident news With more detail after taking information to.

delhi kanjhawala girl accident news in hindi

After this accident, the doctors had told the girl. According to the information, it has been told that the victim girl has died, she died in a very painful way. The girl’s back was completely mutilated, the flesh had come out and the bones of her legs were also broken. The lower part of one leg of this girl was also missing. delhi kanjhawala girl accident news She had also come out after getting information that one leg of this girl was hanging.

The clothes of the girl were also torn due to rubbing for many kilometers. The passer-by and the police had told that the girl was in an advanced state. The condition of the girl’s body had become very bad, after seeing which everyone’s heart can tremble. The front part of the scooty got damaged.

delhi kanjhawala girl accident latest news

A large number of people have started protesting outside a police station in Delhi. All these people are now protesting near the police station. According to the latest information, a huge crowd of people blocked the road. A statement has come out from the police that all the files are presented in the court only for a short period of time. The girl has not yet accepted whether she dragged the girl intentionally or not.

The police are also not accepting this incident as an accident even in their statement because till now the police have not found any concrete evidence. The vehicle is also in the custody of the police and this case has been registered at the Kanjhawala police station. The cart and scooty are mounted on the system. For the information, the team of forensics registered in the documents had come to you that who is investigating this vehicle and scooty, whose report will come out soon in the coming time.

If it really becomes clear that all the five pairs together have dragged the girl living together, then in the coming time they too can be punished. The police are still searching for CCTV technology again to get the video of the incident. For information once you were seen then police was stuck in search of cctv camera which they could not find. The police have not yet found any CCTV cameras around the place where the incident took place.

Minister’s statement regarding Delhi Kanjhawala girl accident news

now delhi kanjhawala girl accident news The latest information is coming out that all these youths have been arrested by the police. The limited number is five in total. On the other hand, after this incident, Bookmark has also given its statement through video conference. Akbar said in his statement that all the five fixing will be punished by hanging only so that such people do not even look to work in future.

Apart from this, many other ministers have given statements about this incident like Swati Maliwal. Statements are also coming out from the side of Swati Maliwal who is the chairperson of the Women’s Commission of Delhi. It was Swati Maliwal who had tweeted about this incident, which had given a statement to be caught soon.

statements made towards assessment

The number of youths riding the car was five and the number of five together had carried out this incident. These five files had a plan to party on New Year’s Day evening. After partying, all these youths had also consumed alcohol. After the party was over, he was returning to Mangolpuri with one of his companions. Only after this this incident happened. When inquired with all eyes, all told something else.

All the experts were telling that due to the bad condition of the road, the noises were coming from his car in the same way. Songs were also being played in high voice in the car and the glasses were also kept closed. All these folds had definitely heard the sound of some collision, but somewhere they felt that the part of the car might have collided with the road. It was also told by all these traps that the girl herself got stuck behind the vehicle after her scooty collided with the rear.

Where on one hand all the chosen ones are calling themselves Raikisoor, on the other hand information is coming out that all these files together have deliberately dragged this girl for 10 kms. Every area is under the custody of the police which is being interrogated. On the one hand, it also came out that the youths in the car had hit the scooty, due to which the girl got trapped under the car.

The vehicle was Baleno on which all the five punches were riding. This car was not due to any accident out of all these stuck, but it was taken from some acquaintance only for some time. This car went drunk but still on the way this accident happened why the police administration was not around that place for checking while on one side it was being told that on New Year’s day the police were stopping everywhere for checking Thi stay

delhi kanjhawala girl accident news who is this incident

If you disagree about five files, then you can know. The name of the first decade is Deepak Deepak, whose age is being told as 26 years, who is the driver of the service of the village. The second ex works in card section in SBI bank and his age is 25 years. The name of this incident has come out. The name of the third round is Krishna Nott, whose age is said to be 27 years, who has started working in the Spanish Culture Center.

The fourth victim has been identified as Mithun, who works as a hair dresser and is said to be 26 years old. The last and fifth century whose age is being told is 27 years. The name of this fifth century has come out to be Manoj Mittal who works as a ration dealer. We have compared the details of all these details with the news website itself, which we tell you in this article because they have contributed significantly to the authority of the details.

delhi kanjhawala girl accident viral video

delhi kanjhawala girl accident news After knowing, if you want to watch the video, then you can see below. Below we have given the link of that video which is recorded from the news reporter and this video is uploaded on youtube channel only. Here you will get CCTV footage with the help of which you can fix some amount of information in which only the main video of the accident is not visible to the vehicle, or delhi kanjhawala girl accident news some special things about because we have already delhi kanjhawala girl accident news Have given

delhi kanjhawala girl accident viral video

because we already told you that delhi kanjhawala girl accident news The main CCTV footage has not come out because no CCTV camera was installed at the place where the incident took place. The footage that we are showing you, this footage has been taken from the CCTV camera far away from the incident place. But the police are yet to find the footage of the incident where the incident took place as no CCTV camera has been found at the scene of the incident.

my opinion on delhi kanjhawala girl accident news

inside this blog delhi kanjhawala girl accident news In the article we have given you a lot delhi kanjhawala girl accident news It is mentioned so that you do not have to accidently go astray. delhi kanjhawala girl accident news To know. In this blog we delhi kanjhawala girl accident news Whatever information is correct, which we have gathered from internet only.

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