June 4, 2023

so friends now delhi earthquake 2023 news Is coming out about which we are telling you. For your information, you have felt the components of an earthquake in Delhi NCR, just a few complaints ago. delhi earthquake 2023 news The report has come out regarding this. Earthquake tremors have been felt in Delhi NCR as well as components of earthquake have been felt in Jammu and Kashmir itself.

delhi earthquake 2023 news
delhi earthquake 2023 news

delhi earthquake 2023 news hindi

For information, you should know that there is an earthquake of 5.9 intensity. The place where the intensity of the earthquake has been recorded has been given the name of Afghanistan. A place is visible inside Afghanistan whose name is Hindu Kush. The epicenter of the earthquake is in the area named Hindu Kush in Afghanistan because it is there that the maximum trapping device is installed under the ground. As the components of earthquake are felt more in Delhi NCR then people came to know about its rest as intensity was the same.

For information, you should also know that according to the year 2023, this earthquake has occurred for the second time. Earlier, on the very first day of the new year 2023, signs of earthquake were felt. The signs of earthquake which have been felt today, there is no news about any damage so far. like anything delhi earthquake 2023 news If it comes out, we will try to improve this article of this blog immediately.

Now a large number of people in Bhiu are in fear as there were two earthquakes in the very first week of the new year. It has been told that this is also the most sensitive border of Delhi and for this reason earthquakes have become common here. But we just want that no one’s life should be in danger. Recently many incidents are being seen in Delhi like the painful death of a woman in Delhi.

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