June 4, 2023

In today’s episode, I am going to tell you about Chashni 8th April 2023 written episode update, now you will get to see this update in Hindi.

Chashni 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update in Hindi

The Episode starts with supervisor saying that Roshni and Nirbhay killed Jogi and run away. Chandni says no, Roshni cannot do this, find her. He says that both of them stand in this matter. Roshni asks for water. Sumer asks why did he make her stand in the car. Driver says if police sees him then he will change that we have caused his accident. Sumer’s water is extracted. He gets up and asks how did I come here, whose car is this. He says Sir the water was filled for you.

He says police is coming. she worries. Chandni tags a girl and hugs her. He thinks it is Roshni. He calls her and gets sad. She says Roshni had only one kurti, she is my sister. The girl comes, my name is also Roshni. Chandni asks him to sell all the spokes. He gives her the outlines of the water. The girl says Roshni is lucky to have a sister like you.

Chandni hugs him and says take care of yourself. She thinks about Roshni and cries. Sumer asks where did the girl go. Driver says I don’t know. He is angry. Roshni reaches a dhaba and drinks water. An old man asks will you eat food, sit down, I will bring food. Chandni says we will get some information in this room, Nirbhay was staying here. Crossroad. He specifies and hides his face.

The old man asks what is the name of the attraction. He sheds light. He asks what did you run away from home. He says I have come of my own free will. He asks her to go back home, her family will be worried. He says I will not go, I am educated, I am doing some work, thanks for worrying for me, I don’t have cash, I have card, take this card. He says, keep it for your use. He says you have to take this, which I can call. He says sure.

She calls Urmi. Raunak and Chandni get a call from Nirbhay. They see the payment. they go. Chandni asks about Roshni and Nirbhay. The man says I did not see them. The old man asks are you talking about Roshni. Chandni says yes, she is my sister.

The old man says he was worried, has the food and leaves. Chandni says where did he go, there was a boy with him. He says, he was not alone. He asks why all that me. He says I confronted him to go back home, he refused, he is heartbroken, said he will never go home.

He asks if he said where he will go. He says no, but he called one of my girls, that girl and I gave him something. He asks who was that girl. He says I don’t know. Raunak asks can we check your phone. Chandni gives her Urmi’s number. Chandni goes and asks Urmi about Roshni.

Urmi says Roshni promised me and I can’t inform you, she wanted some money and clothes, she went in a private taxi. Chandni says tell me if you get his call. she worries. Light is on the way. He remembers Nirbhay. A man knocks him down. Nani argues with Dadi and says I am against this work, Roshni leaves the house.

Dadi says Chandni cannot do any illegal work. Argument. Chandni says I have worked with my honesty. Nani blames them for Roshni’s departure. She scolds Chandni. Chandni stays in the room and cries. she thinks. That’s bread.

Chashni 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Now it will be updated tomorrow, you are showing this website (pagalnews.com) for further information. Let me tell you that it used to take some time to read in English language, now you will get to read in your language.

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